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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The AhNeh-Neh Rempit

This is one hilarious but true incident that happened…

Date: Last Sunday, 25th May 2008
Place: Traffic lights at T-junction of Jalan Thean Teik going into Jln. Air Itam
Time: early afternoon

Seated on their bikes at the front of the usual heavy traffic waiting impatiently for the traffic lights to turn green at the Jalan Thean Teik road junction were three motorcyclists….

Somebody’s Ah Mah (granny ) probably in her early 70’s with a wrinkled face looking like a topography map and a white shirt worn backward to protect her arms from the scorching sun. A long hair college student with a bag, probably on his way to college....and next to him….this ‘tau-si ahneh-neh rempit!!!.

That ahneh-neh rempit was 'gandhi-laubo' showing off…playing with the throttle and brake, taming the forward thrust like he was riding a wild stallion in a rodeo show. He looked ‘lan-sily’ around indicating his invitational challenge for anyone moronic enough to race…

I told my son, Charles that this type of “Chiak liao bee” people should go and die instead of endangering the lives of others on the road.

Charles:Ayuh! dad, don’t’ curse people to die la.. very sinful to do that!”

Me: “Ok ..ok! I take my words back…we wish him long long life…..ok?”

Charles (sniggering) : “Yes! we wish him long long lifea long long paralytic life of miseries lying in bed!”

Me: “Yessss! Total paralysis of his body …except for his dick!...lagi more jia-lat mia long life for him...hehehe!!”

Just then, the red light came on to stop the traffic on the Jalan Air Itam way… and before the green light came on to allow the traffic coming out of Jalan Thean Teik to go...............

VRROOOMMMMMM!!!! Somebody had already beaten the green light and darted across the junction while everyone else was just about to step on the pedal or turn the throttle!

Guess what? It wasn’t that lansi-lanyong Ahneh-neh Rempit on the opposite road I saw…… but it was Ah Mah ! (the granny) The winner of the Motorcycle under125cc Jalan Thean Teik Championship of that day!!! It was Ah mah on her YAMAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

That Ah Mah really made my last sunday, a 'Beautiful Sunday' indeed and as for that AhNeh-Neh Rempit..let's wish him a long long life.........



HONDA joke

At a cocktail party to launch the Motorbike Expo, Ah KowPEK turns to the guest next to him and ask, “Wanna hear a good HONDA joke?”

The guy next to him replies,” Good! but before you tell the joke, you should know something .. …”

“I’m Tai loh Huat, Honda motorbike dealer of Samseng Motor Sdn Bhd.

“This guy next to me here is Siao Goo, President of HONDA Motorbike Dealers Association and next to him is Mr. Honda, CEO of Honda, Japan himself”

“Now You still wanna tell the joke?”

AH KOWPEK said,” No need liao la! After have to explain three times….sweat la!


HH said...

wah.... ah mah win ahneh-neh in the bike race? geng la, nowadays mia ah mah, dont look down on them lo... even is ahmah or ahpek... dun simply ask for challenge, you will die badly after that... hahaha... nowadays i respect them kao kao... after the case you blog about, i lagi respect and salute to ahmah and she help us win the lansi lanyong mia ahneh-neh... muahahahahaha

Tau Sar Phneah said...

muahahaha...lolz..trully hillarious..with the ah ma story..thought the outcome will be diff mana tau..phewww..haha..

ERNST said...

Tau sar phneah,
This is NOT a story...but an actual true hilarious incident I witnessed last Sunday that I won't be able to forget for many years to come..!!

Dun play play with Ah mah nowadays ...especially if u are dating her grand daughter..nanti lu kena chiap chiap from her, baru tahu ah mah geng!

Jarod said...

AH MAH RULES! Man, u should not be in ur car...u should takes on a bike and race like ah mAH....true booh...hehe!

[fong88] said...

lik chinese saying goes " the older the ginger ,the hotter it is"..LOL!!

Adrian said...

ah mah rempit...
now rempit's no longer for youngsters already...

Ping Ping said...

ah ma man sui!!!!!!
Lol, uncle, u underestimated ah ma, she is the rempit head. Lol, leader.

the rempits must be stunned and chasing ah ma to ask her be their sifu.. =P

ERNST said...

ping ping: Ah mah must be one "tai Ka cheh'hor?

Adrian: 'Rempiting' is actually meant for everyone..but first, u must have "otak udang'(prawn's brain) to qualify wor.

fong88:this lau apek agreeessss!!

Jarod: you bad influence!When I get speed samans ..u pay har!