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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kiasu In BohNowland!

NiaSeng! ..niamah!…nia-whatever! Leempek have never ever seen any people more kiasu & kiasi then those BohNow survivors of the recent March 8 ‘tsunami’General Election!

Even the ‘bo thak cheks’ can clearly see that these sore losers ‘tsu-niamahs’ are beginning to show signs of diffidence in themselves ..

If not, why would a kind and caring program to have our Deputy CM II, Dr. P. Ramasamy to give away free spectacles to some needy Tamil students in school be refused permission?

OMG! It looks like the mere presence and appearance of Dr. Ramasamy or any Pakatan Rakyat YB in schools can be so disturbing and threatening that it could scare the shit out of these diffident BohNow Tsu-niamah losers!

Or... is it that they are losing their balls and hairs fearing that the PR distributed spectacles

would look something like these? :D

Judging by the silly and unintelligent reason given for not granting the continuation of this meaningful program, leempek suspect that their shit has all along been constipated in their otak udang and now causing their mouths to diarrhea!

I bet their lame excuse of not wanting the students to be disturbed is not even convincing enough to the little minds of those primary students who now get to learn that to be the education authorities in this BohNowland you really don’t need much brains! (Oops! Now everyone says they want to be a minister when they grow up ..They are really getting educated fast, don’t they? LOL)


. said...

U oledi know it's bow now land, and wat do u expect ?

A miracle ?

So bow now that parents still send their children to death camps.

So bow now that people are asking trams to be put in Penang.

So bow now that sum _atas_ people actually recommend rakyat to eat more bread and eat less rice.

Bow now lah, wat else ???

. said...

Ummm... since it's about education, the other day someone sent me an sms and I can't answer it ... can you?

A customer walked in a store. Customer want to buy a music box, harga RM 21.

That music box real cost to the boss is RM 18, so boss sell lah.

Customer took out a RM 100 note. Boss no change. Boss took RM 100 note and exchange it with the owner of neighbor store.

Boss came back, gave the customer the change of RM 79. Customer left.

2 hours later, neighbor store owner came, tell boss that the RM 100 note was a fake one. Demand money back.

Boss gave back the RM 100 to owner of neighbor store.

So far so good?

Now ... how much the boss rugi?

ERNST said...

Wahhh! leempek worked whole day come back some more got to work maths like this..want to kill this old fler izzit?
Anyway, if my ol'brain is not failing me, I think that boss lost RM79 plus RM18 (cost of the box)=Rm97...and leempek lost a few brain cells also!