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Monday, March 31, 2008


If they own a supermart, what else more do you need to send 'em?
Everything they need they can 'kow tim' themselves !

Note: No animal wasted in making this madvert.

If you have any complaint on my posts....
please take a number at my Complaint Dept...and wait for the BooOOM!! ok?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

9pek9bo Dad with a Kup'ster son!

Noticed the socks, dirty shoe and a runaway hamster in my new banner above? These are actually the very things that inspired me to nick my blog as 9pek9bo’ (pronounced as ‘khow pek khow bo’ a Hokkien dialect phrase meaning 'to nag')

It is because whenever leempek starts complaining about the messy sight that greets me when I return home each day, my two 2 guilty to the bone ‘siew-yeh chyes’ would teasingly say, “lau-eh, mian 9pek9bo so much la (old fart, don’t nag.....) we are too busy maa…”

Sure enough they were, with one busy lying on the sofa watching video series and the other busily glued to the PC monitor, what can this ‘lau-eh’ do except to 9pek9bo! haizzzz!!

Talking about gluing oneself to the PC… if any married man can spend as much time with his spouse as Charles can with his PC, he should either be a husband 'MADE IN HEAVEN' or they are living at no. 665, nextdoor to the Devil!

Oh yes! Charles’s postcount in the Shoutbox even got him a 2nd ranking
these days.

Not a surprise at all for a person who can even 'kapsiao' so much during his sleep (sleeptalk) and Dr.Dolittling everyday with his hamsters & ‘Boom Tze’ the stray cat……… hahaha!

If he gets any nuttier, he’ll probably be ‘kupster-ing’ (chatty) with imaginery people in his head soon.. and I can imagine his shouting in the SHOUT-OUT would probably be like this…

(note: like any other SO...please read the messages from bottom up)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Education a' la Bad LOSERS

Just when I thought I could get back to blogging some fun thingies, I read in disgust the following ‘kanasai’ report….

Niamah! Of all people to show bad examples as sore-losers to the younger generation of our nation, it has to be the very people entrusted with the responsibility to educate them!

Don’t these BoNau por-lampars’ understand that irrespective of what party the state government is from, they are chosen by us, the rakyat through the constitutional democratic system of the ballot box and thus should be given due respect as honorable statesmen like any others we have had chosen before them? Really ‘mempersiasuikan’ for not understanding such basics!

By the way, aren’t government officers supposed to be non-partisan in politics when carrying out their duties or have I been out in the cyberworld too long to realize the change of rules in the game?

"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."
said Ben Sweetland

and to these losers, I say..............

just as a reminder to UP YOUR integrity befitting your profession!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Missing LINKS!

"Linker, Linker...where fore are thou? Please rectifive this really "shortly" because I 'm getting six reading this message, “Oops.. linker is not available right now…. It will be up shortly” on the LINK column….

‘Maaaaaaccherrr-leh!’ apa link pun tak-lak for so many days liao! How am I going to visit my fellow liars, gobloks, monkeys and nothing-to-do housewives of the blogosphere like dat?

It’s so frustrating especially when Leempek was just beginning to enjoy my newfound pastime of going around putting colorful messages in people’s c-boxes like a kid going wild with his crayons!!!

The only friends I could visit now are those who have lately left their URLs along with their messages on my C-box or gave comments.

So ..if you want this cool dad to spice up your Cbox with colors… you know what to do ler ha?
leave me a link somewhere ..okay?

Friday, March 21, 2008


Dear son.

Now that you have reached your 18th birthday and no longer being considered a minor, I guess I have to take this responsibilty as your dad to share with you some facts of life.....








Being EIGHTEEN ROCKS!!! but that does NOT mean you can start getting STONED!!!! ......HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLES!!!!!!!

Charles celebrating with BoomTze de'cat, Golden Chin Soo Boon & his hamster kias.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

English vs Ingrish


Question (1):
Rewrite the following passage using your own words:

“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after”

The answer sheet, in grandiloquent English of a MCE student in the 70's may appear something like this.........

.............and from our present day SPM student, here's what we may get to read, English in it's evolved state ..a dramatic language we Malaysians are all so familiar with......

The Malaysian 'Ingrish' language comprehensible to all Malaysians! "Lets' celebrate and toast to the success of our Bolehland Edu system!...cheers!!!"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pics Dedication II

Have to say 'solly' to my blogger friends who came visiting this blog lately looking for some laughs (as this blog was intended to have) but instead found leempek ranting on politics instead. Can't help it la...cos I really bey tahan those sipek jialat political parties liao. Now, they all 'hamkaling' under the Tsu-nami ...tsu-niamah or Tsu-niakong General Elections, no need to talk about them anymore..I think.

Besides that, also 'solly' for not updating this blog more often as I could have. Wish I could but my mind was already preoccupied with anxieties, worrying about my 'Income' and 'expeditures' not 'ngam' and balanced in the near wonder I get so tulan each time I see the BN dacing logo ..hahaha!)

The many sleepless nights I had worrying over these thing$ had made me rather moody and becoming a not so cool dad anymore. ..getting impatient with poor Charles was one of the many 'sins' commited lately ..I confess! Fortunately, Charles being that angel son of mine not only understood and tolerated me but has been putting his best front to lift me up and more clowning antics to bring back some cheers into my life. ( Charles, if you are reading this...DON"T get Oo-Bin! are still entitled to your share of nagging from leempek! hehehe!)

Hope that I can sail through this life checkpoint crisis smoothly soon and be back blogging more often....

But before that, I would like to dedicate these photos I took with the SONY camera I inherited from Charles to those blogger friends who came visiting and got disappointed. So,here's to you...ChanLillian, Saewei, Chingy, Anna, Elaine, NicholasChan, Gen Yong , Aaron Woolala, KOKahKOKand many others who came but did not leave any name in the C-box ...also Lasker,JJ, Willazz and other SO friends of my son Charles.

This was taken from inside the coffeeshop at corner of Kampong Malabar, Penang Road

Rooftop view of Little India taken from my office window.

A part of Kek Lok Si temple.

Taken on the way down from Kek Lok Si Tenple

Both these last two pics taken near entrance of Gurney Plaza.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


As every good thing has to got to come to an end, so has that wonderful 2 weeks of General Election excitement and fever Charles and I had. ...and along with the sweet ending, also out-went the not-so-good things we once had. Namely, the ‘toll di-sini, toll di sana’ AYOYO-SAMY as well as our ‘18 years also laid no eggs’ CHICKEN MOTHER!

Hallelujah!!!! Praise God .....and all thosegobloks’, ‘monkeysand ‘nothing to do housewives’ a.k.a. bloggers too! Let’s also give salute to all those voters who have finally woken and found their balls not to fear changes by putting their ballot crosses on anything else as long as it was NOT the dacing!

GE (General Election) has never been that good and rewarding for us! It was all worth the drenching we took for so many nights out attending ceremahs! How I wish my late mom is still around to witness her dream of 20 years coming true.. DAPs tsunami success!
HEEP HEEP HURRAY!!!! (My late mom was one hell of a staunch DAP supporter who always insisted on riding a BN car to the polling center and then vote for the DAP..she said like that more shiok! LOLs) .I'll be going to her grave with flowers and a Rocket mascot toy soon to say,"Mom, wa lang eh lor-ket ka liao pun khee liao!" hahaha! May she rest in peace!

SMS News: Someone told me that Ayoyo-Samy is going to quit MIC and starts the Party Untuk Kaum India ( P.U.K.I) but before that, he’s booking a small corner lot at Lorong Kulit morning market to sell off those secondhand slippers he collected during his GE Road-show campaign! Please be early, stocks limited! Satisfaction guaranteed, if not you can return the slippers to him in the same manner he collected them from our HINDRAF bros when he comes around next!

Charles accompanied me to the Rifle Range Polling Center in RED on polling day (the in-fashion color of that day ..the color of pent-up ANGER )!!!!

I have always regarded it as my parental duty to bring my children along to GE ceramahs to hear for themselves the other side of the story before they turned blur-sotong politically like many young adults are these days. It’s kind of a ‘brain-detox’ therapy to unlearn all those political rubbish that they had been exposed to from the lop-sided news media we have in this country.( please don't farkin tell me he's under age to listen to ceramahs and yet allowed to be bombarded with all sorts of political propagandas from the TV and newspapers in my own home!!!)

At those recent ceramahs we attended Charles had a great time shooting event pics with his FUJIFILM semi-pro camera like he was a journalist. It was a fantastic experience for him… meeting up and camwhoring with Jeff Ooi…and getting a few words from former Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim personally!

Charles with the now Jelutong MP, Jeff Ooi (the 'godfather' of bloggers)

and here is when Datuk Seri had a word with Charles

while caught up in the traffic jam after the Rifle Range ceramah.

Monday, March 3, 2008


NIAMAHHHH!!! There they go again belittling our intelligence with that ‘WE HAVE DONE THIS, DONE THAT… THE OPPOSITION JUST TALK .. BUT DO NOTHING’ crap!!

Dei!! Mr. SEMI-BLUE and all other confusion brewers, If you do not know.. It’s already 2008! That kind of hocus-pocus might have worked for you in the 80’s when people are more naive, uninformed/not properly informed or just plain LULU... but NOT NOW anymore! People in this era wears CROCS, that’s why I think they gave you their unwanted slippers! Didn’t you see those big big banners all over town boasting “93.8% Literacy!!”?
This means people now know who we should hold responsible for things to be done!!

SO SOLLEEE for you, we all now know that-

WE, the RAKYAT… are the BOSSES (voters)
and once in every 5 years we get to pick WHO to MANAGE our company (NATION)
in a process called ‘GENERAL ELECTION’
While the ‘Managers’ we picked become the GOVERNMENT,
The Opposition automatically becomes
our company ‘AUDITOR’ ONLY and is therefore NOT expected to do the things you have to do!

For example.. if we, the RAKYAT tells you we wanna SHIT and need toilet papers…
YOU ( and nobody else) should go and buy the toilet papers
because our taxed MONIES are with YOU
and NOT with the Opposition who only act as our AUDITORS!

So DON”T blardy tell us you GAVE US this or that and the Opposition DIDN'T anymore and DON'T even dare to have that silly idea that we should throw a Tea Party to thank you for doing a job you have been handsomely paid to do!!!

By the way, if you claim you have bought 100 rolls of toilet papers
with OUR MONIES ..make very sure there are 100 rolls!
..because if our ‘AUDITORS’( the Opposition) take stock and counted ONLY 40 rolls…It means someone must have taken home 60 rolls to clean his family asses! ...AND WHOSE ASSES YOU THINK WE SHOULD KICK THEN?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

To HELL with those wretched election campaigners!!

As if we have not seen enough of them with their mug-shot portrait posters, banners and buntings staring at you from every direction and corner of the street to make us puke till the next General Election, these usually hibernating 'Kanni-labu' YB again wannabes are now suddenly so available and seen ..leading their entourage of ball-lickers tagging along everywhere…lagi more puke la!!!

Popping up at the wet market, coffee shops, food-courts and just about anywhere putting up a front of smiles and friendliness they saved up the last 4 years or so... even the privacy of your time at home is not spared during these cursed campaigning days!

Imagine having to rush out from my bathroom to answer the door with just a towel to cover my ‘ding-a-lings’ and then finding myself an audience of grinning smiles and an outstretched hand looking for mine to shake!( the hand, I mean)

Obliging that handshake through a half opened door was my first lesson to 'never oblige a politician' (especiallly at the ballot box). Niamah!...that fler's handshake was so vigorous that it almost shook off my towel... to reveal my very own 'DAP symbol'!!! Had that been a silent night, he could have probably heard my chime-bell version of ‘JUST CHANGE’ cling-clanging under my towel!.... hahahaha!!!!

So as not to be caught unprepared again, I came out with some plans on how I would response just in case I bump into these 'great pretenders' again…

The 4 Golden Ways on HOW TO RESPONSE when approached by YB wannabes you dislike & hate:

1) When offered those leaflets & mug-shot posters, politely say Mai liao, I still got the ones you gave me 5 (or maybe 10) years ago...still the same one hor?’

2) If you are seated at your table, don’t even look up. Just pretend you are concentrating on your noodles/newspaper/magazine and wave them away when they come to your table saying “ Mai! Mai!..bay liao” or “Moi, moi…mai chor ler” like you have mistaken them for DVD or Lottery tickets peddlers.

3) Put on a smile and ask politely “Are you new here? Have not seen you around before keh???” even though he was the YB for the last 5 years.

4) Take out your hand-phone and pretend talking to someone at the other end loudly KIT SIANG’s ceramah tonite ar? Where ..where? Anwar also ? oh good! Correct! Correct! Correct!........”
While putting up the other hand indicating that they have to wait if they want to talk to you.