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Monday, March 3, 2008


NIAMAHHHH!!! There they go again belittling our intelligence with that ‘WE HAVE DONE THIS, DONE THAT… THE OPPOSITION JUST TALK .. BUT DO NOTHING’ crap!!

Dei!! Mr. SEMI-BLUE and all other confusion brewers, If you do not know.. It’s already 2008! That kind of hocus-pocus might have worked for you in the 80’s when people are more naive, uninformed/not properly informed or just plain LULU... but NOT NOW anymore! People in this era wears CROCS, that’s why I think they gave you their unwanted slippers! Didn’t you see those big big banners all over town boasting “93.8% Literacy!!”?
This means people now know who we should hold responsible for things to be done!!

SO SOLLEEE for you, we all now know that-

WE, the RAKYAT… are the BOSSES (voters)
and once in every 5 years we get to pick WHO to MANAGE our company (NATION)
in a process called ‘GENERAL ELECTION’
While the ‘Managers’ we picked become the GOVERNMENT,
The Opposition automatically becomes
our company ‘AUDITOR’ ONLY and is therefore NOT expected to do the things you have to do!

For example.. if we, the RAKYAT tells you we wanna SHIT and need toilet papers…
YOU ( and nobody else) should go and buy the toilet papers
because our taxed MONIES are with YOU
and NOT with the Opposition who only act as our AUDITORS!

So DON”T blardy tell us you GAVE US this or that and the Opposition DIDN'T anymore and DON'T even dare to have that silly idea that we should throw a Tea Party to thank you for doing a job you have been handsomely paid to do!!!

By the way, if you claim you have bought 100 rolls of toilet papers
with OUR MONIES ..make very sure there are 100 rolls!
..because if our ‘AUDITORS’( the Opposition) take stock and counted ONLY 40 rolls…It means someone must have taken home 60 rolls to clean his family asses! ...AND WHOSE ASSES YOU THINK WE SHOULD KICK THEN?

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