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Monday, June 30, 2008

My son's Yodeling peformance at Fete de la Musique 2008

Sanzhuang de gu niang ( Chinese version of Casting my Lasso to the sky)

She Taught Me How to Yodel

After my earlier post on my son, Charles's Yodeling practices, I did a check on my old neighbors (We 've since moved).. Found out that actually none of them were affected by the racket we made when we had our family 'yodeling' fun sessions back then.

I'm concluding this because none showed any sign of hearing disability especially when I went....

" Ayoh! long didn't see you still look same young!"

K@nn*h! Not only were they not deaf but were somehow so quick in responding "No la...I put on weight liao" obviously fishing for more compliments from leempek! Hahaha!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yo- der – le –ee-deeeeeeeeeee!

Yo de – le –ee-deeeeeeeeeee!

Yo de - lo –oo -dooooooooo!

If you hear weird shrieking vocal-sound like this at New World Park tonight …don’t be alarmed….. It’s just my son, Charleskey the passionate photographer cum blogger singing two of his favorite country western yodels on occasion of the ‘ Fete de la Musique’ there!

Fête de la Musique in Penang

Date: Saturday, 28 June 2008
Time: 10am-11pm
Venue: New World Park & Khoo Kongsi

The Music Fest, brought to you annually by Alliance Française of Penang is a whole day affair and the Charles is slotted “to spoil your appetite’ at around

7.00pm -7.30pm! (part of the new government’s program to help you loose weight ma! good leh?)

Yes…beside photography and blogging, Charles also has special interest in ‘yodeling’...a very challenging weird style of singing he started to pick up during his preparation for his PMR exams as a stress reliever some 3 years back. (just hope our neighbors share this same interest…which I doubt they do. In fact they should be having hearing problems by now and no longer can whisper-gossip anymore… hehehe!)

If you are blur on what yodeling is …

It’s kinda of voice–break falsetto singing…( going from chest voice to falsetto and back repeatingly) very much like what chimpanzees do when they chase one another in the zoo! (Now that explains why Tarzan makes such noise as he swings from tree to tree…he’s communicating in yodels and NOT because ants got into his loin cloth!)

Yodeling originated in the Austrian Alps as communications between next-door neighbors (that’s what people do without mobile phones…raise your voice and yell at one another la!) It was originally called "Juchizn," an array of short yells which had different meanings, probably like "your cooking sucks!" or "is my hubby there?"

Like what’s happening to the present day hand-phones, yodeling turned out to be so much fun that it quickly turned into an art form and it expanded into the Swiss and Bavarian Alpsand later became a part of country and western music of the cowboys.

Note: for those of you who would like to try out yodeling like what Charles is doing tonite, here’s my advice-

1) Make sure you have very solid sound-proofed windows and

2) If not, be prepared to leave your home quietly through the back door for the next 2 weeks or, wait for some other tragedies (like earthquake or flood) to happen in your neighborhood before you dare to step out through your front door again..whatever comes first...hehehe!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo-shooting on a Sunday

What would be the next best thing to do.... besides 9pek9bo-ing on a beautiful Sunday? I would have lazed around and catch up with the long overdue sleep which I have neglected since God knows when ......errrmm.. probably since HE created children, housework and blogging I guess.

But instead, leempek was enticed by my 'passionate photographer' son, Charleskey to go photo-shooting at the Botanical Gardens! .......and OMG! I fell straight into his devious scheming plan to have his dad embarrassed in public, fidgeting for the first time with the knobs and dials of something more complicated than just a "point & shoot' camera!

...and it was juz only the 4 months old Fujifilm Semi Pro this 'Ah Ngau' me inherited after I bought him his Nikon DLSR! I had preferred learning the ABC at home first but this cilaka sar-laka multiple-laka son insisted that I should learn on the spot!

Anyway, here are the results of this banker/artist turning photographer for a day...

One of the first few maiden shots..taken at the garden beside the main gate

Spotted the multicolors of this palm tree from afar and went under the leaves
to take this shot.


Could not resist these shining waxy leaves of this flower plant.


Angry clouds before the rain...


We ran helter skelter after shooting this pic when it started to rain!


Rain stopped and the sky was even much we stopped at the Batu Gantung Cemetery open space to have a few more shots..

and below, silhouette of Charleskey doing his stuff

Charles in Silhouette


Taking pics among the graves at dusk like this is not encouraged especially if you have just watched the movie "SHUTTER" like we did just the night before!


Spot the Rifle Range Flats on the left?
If you spot anything else not supposed to be there...please don't tell me about it..ok?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oil Price causes C.I.B.A.I. Schizophrenia!

CIBAI schizophrenic-1

If words like SHELL, ESSO, CALTEX, MOBIL, PETRONAS and even EXXON are popping up in your mind while reading the above KNN News, it means that like me, you are a C.I.B.A.I. SCHIZOPHRENIC suffering from stress caused by the recent pETROL pRICE hIKE!

Maybe we should fill out the Medical Chit below, print out and hand it to our bosses.
If he doesn’t read it but asks why I'm sick…Leempek will be glad to answer, ”Cibai lor!” If he scolds me, ”cibai!” then I'll say,"Yes lor!" hahaha! Have a Nice Rest from the stress, folks!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day to All!

Wishing all 'A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!'

For today, CHARLeSkEY suggested that
we go to an
expensive place

to celebrate
and leempek said," good!
let's buy some CharBeeHoon ....
and eat it at the
Petrol Station!" hahahaha!!


My "saja isu' little BiRD'sDaY PaRtY

Just a week ago coinciding with "Bak Chang Fest"..was leempek's Bird's Day (didn't even know about the fest until TauSarPniah of Manchester wished me..hahaha!)
As before, I don't fancy celebrating for fear that at this age, the candles may start a forest fire but Jboy & Charles insisted that we should have some wine and a small cake..'saja isu' to keep the tradition going.

Jboy complained that the price of the cake has also gone up by 20%. "Niamah! #@$%^6#@@...Cake baked with petrol wan meh?" my 'Vulgarian' son cursed!

The little 'saja isu' birthday party of 5 ...
with no birthday song sung
but just wine, cake and a wish for everyone's wish to come true
(see how we can cheat with one birthday wish by multiplying it?)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Petrol Price is killing me!

Attempts to kill myself back to blogging.. :D

On 3rd of April ...

PM announced,

Mr.Snoozie sounded so goodie...

So, like the little innocent 'mooi mooi' being charmed by Kam Yuee Sook Sook( uncle Goldfish), leempek fell for it and believed! Planned my financial budget for the year...

but then..... JUST 2 MONTHS LATER.....

Diu Lorr!!! PM forgot what he had said
about the wish of the rakyat ...

YES! We're all F@rked
a 4o% petrol Price HIKE!

and NOW he says it again..

Want me to buy this again?....
Mei sei korr meh?

My dear MR. SNOOZIE, when you said 'NO' meant 'YES'!...and when you said 'YES' you also meant 'YES'. Aren't we too old to play 'TRUTH or DARE'?

When children were caught telling lies, grandma would stuff Cabai into their mouths as a punishment. As for adults who lie through their PINOCCHIO noses and speak through their asses, Hmmm…..just wondering what 'bai' grandma would recommend to stuff these KNMCCB liars with?

For those concerned friends ( & bros) who left messages reminding me to update, Sorlee-lor .... leempek was too down-dead to be able to update anything that could bring about some LOLs.

With such drastic and sudden record breaking Petrol price hike of 40%, which hamkaling would not be concerned with the domino-effect of an increase in the price of goods and other necessities that follows?

For this, we have to congratulate our~yOU Light Up My Life~TNB, for being the first in the race. They 've announced that they also wanna" LIGHT-en Up My Wallet Too".Thus, the beginning of our nightmarish walk drive into Elm street!

Talking about horror movies…. my recommendation is...

WATCH your FUEL METER, Nothing can be scarier!

When Petrol is FULL…Leempek’s WALLET is EMPTY!” EEEEEeeeeeeeeks!!

.....and it's all BECAUSE OF YOU
and your FALSE INFO that messed up my budget plan!