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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Petrol Price is killing me!

Attempts to kill myself back to blogging.. :D

On 3rd of April ...

PM announced,

Mr.Snoozie sounded so goodie...

So, like the little innocent 'mooi mooi' being charmed by Kam Yuee Sook Sook( uncle Goldfish), leempek fell for it and believed! Planned my financial budget for the year...

but then..... JUST 2 MONTHS LATER.....

Diu Lorr!!! PM forgot what he had said
about the wish of the rakyat ...

YES! We're all F@rked
a 4o% petrol Price HIKE!

and NOW he says it again..

Want me to buy this again?....
Mei sei korr meh?

My dear MR. SNOOZIE, when you said 'NO' meant 'YES'!...and when you said 'YES' you also meant 'YES'. Aren't we too old to play 'TRUTH or DARE'?

When children were caught telling lies, grandma would stuff Cabai into their mouths as a punishment. As for adults who lie through their PINOCCHIO noses and speak through their asses, Hmmm…..just wondering what 'bai' grandma would recommend to stuff these KNMCCB liars with?

For those concerned friends ( & bros) who left messages reminding me to update, Sorlee-lor .... leempek was too down-dead to be able to update anything that could bring about some LOLs.

With such drastic and sudden record breaking Petrol price hike of 40%, which hamkaling would not be concerned with the domino-effect of an increase in the price of goods and other necessities that follows?

For this, we have to congratulate our~yOU Light Up My Life~TNB, for being the first in the race. They 've announced that they also wanna" LIGHT-en Up My Wallet Too".Thus, the beginning of our nightmarish walk drive into Elm street!

Talking about horror movies…. my recommendation is...

WATCH your FUEL METER, Nothing can be scarier!

When Petrol is FULL…Leempek’s WALLET is EMPTY!” EEEEEeeeeeeeeks!!

.....and it's all BECAUSE OF YOU
and your FALSE INFO that messed up my budget plan!


742 said...

Lol. Pakla so cute!

Tau Sar Phneah said... hilarious..9pek9bo, salute to u..haha..

oh yea..just any chance are you a la-sallian?? (asking on behalf of my dad, cause he said you look 'bin saik' to him..)

HH said...

yeah lo... said no increase, mana tahu increase at last... very the TL him nia... everyone hope he can fast fast fall from top lo... now everyone in the road drive slow slow and make the traffic jam teruk teruk... no one dare to go in petrol station. and see RM2.70 / liter of petrol... so far, i did go for one re-fill.... and around 14 liter, already cost me RM 40.... #@!#!@#^^%&*&^%@#$!%!# very the TL lo...... he said on 11th june that no more petrol price will increase but lets see 2 months later....

the electricity also kena boom up too.. and everything boom up and kill me in $, but the salary no go up... diu lo.......

bro, nice update and awesome ideas on this topics... petrol increase that kill leempek's wallet... and you have a very nice nice arts....

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

HH, Actually we still can't figure out when is Pak Lala really talking and when he's SLEEP TALKING..that's the prob la!

TSP in Manchester,
Tell ur dad,"happy to know another LaSallian kah-ki-nang!"

'cute' as defined in the dictionary as 'ugly but adorable'? hahaha!..or maybe we shld pronounce it in BM "pak lah so choo-ter" lol!

angelinemiss said...

sien la..
petrol price increase, meaning kenot go pou as usual d..have to stay guai guai at home more d.. sobsob

Satkuru said...

lol love this entry. and yes with the petrol hike, everyone is feeling the pinch. now every 10km i travel i will be thinking there goes 2.70 @_@ heartache

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Glad u love it. While you ppl are feeling the pinch, at my age..I would say it's more of a 'punch' at my.....! hahaha!

Good for you...stay home "kwai kwai thei...ngor sek sai lei!" hahaha!