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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo-shooting on a Sunday

What would be the next best thing to do.... besides 9pek9bo-ing on a beautiful Sunday? I would have lazed around and catch up with the long overdue sleep which I have neglected since God knows when ......errrmm.. probably since HE created children, housework and blogging I guess.

But instead, leempek was enticed by my 'passionate photographer' son, Charleskey to go photo-shooting at the Botanical Gardens! .......and OMG! I fell straight into his devious scheming plan to have his dad embarrassed in public, fidgeting for the first time with the knobs and dials of something more complicated than just a "point & shoot' camera!

...and it was juz only the 4 months old Fujifilm Semi Pro this 'Ah Ngau' me inherited after I bought him his Nikon DLSR! I had preferred learning the ABC at home first but this cilaka sar-laka multiple-laka son insisted that I should learn on the spot!

Anyway, here are the results of this banker/artist turning photographer for a day...

One of the first few maiden shots..taken at the garden beside the main gate

Spotted the multicolors of this palm tree from afar and went under the leaves
to take this shot.


Could not resist these shining waxy leaves of this flower plant.


Angry clouds before the rain...


We ran helter skelter after shooting this pic when it started to rain!


Rain stopped and the sky was even much we stopped at the Batu Gantung Cemetery open space to have a few more shots..

and below, silhouette of Charleskey doing his stuff

Charles in Silhouette


Taking pics among the graves at dusk like this is not encouraged especially if you have just watched the movie "SHUTTER" like we did just the night before!


Spot the Rifle Range Flats on the left?
If you spot anything else not supposed to be there...please don't tell me about it..ok?


Tau Sar Phneah said...

are you sure those were your maiden shots...hehe..they looked so marvellous..hehe..

Adrian said...

love picture 2nd, 4th, 5th the most = )

742 said...

2nd photo looks like some ham sap lou hiding behind the tree peeping hot chiqs playing.

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Sure..cross my heart & swear to GAUD!hahaha!

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

U naughty! Have to minus 158 points from your 742 liao! hahaha!

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Same opinion wonder they say,' wise men think alike'. but I do love the no.6th too..that is the top of a grave actually! creepy leh?

Joze Foo said...

wah shoot in graveyard somemore at this weather.... i can feel my goosebumps!

wenzi said...

beh pai mah!! shuld follow ur son go out more haha.. never feel too slow to learn bwahahha.. might as well get ur own personal dslr?

yiphing said...

ding dong~

nice foto
especially the 4th and 5th foto
they r so beautiful...!XD