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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oil Price causes C.I.B.A.I. Schizophrenia!

CIBAI schizophrenic-1

If words like SHELL, ESSO, CALTEX, MOBIL, PETRONAS and even EXXON are popping up in your mind while reading the above KNN News, it means that like me, you are a C.I.B.A.I. SCHIZOPHRENIC suffering from stress caused by the recent pETROL pRICE hIKE!

Maybe we should fill out the Medical Chit below, print out and hand it to our bosses.
If he doesn’t read it but asks why I'm sick…Leempek will be glad to answer, ”Cibai lor!” If he scolds me, ”cibai!” then I'll say,"Yes lor!" hahaha! Have a Nice Rest from the stress, folks!


Jarod said...

Sir, Look like I got C.I.B.A.I. liao... FOC medicine ? hahaa...been missing your page for weeks. Glad you updated it.

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Welcome to the C.I.B.A.I SCHIZOPHRENICS CLUB. As for the free medication... go attend PR rallies for symptomatic healing to keep us sane enough to blog crazily...hahaha!