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Sunday, March 30, 2008

9pek9bo Dad with a Kup'ster son!

Noticed the socks, dirty shoe and a runaway hamster in my new banner above? These are actually the very things that inspired me to nick my blog as 9pek9bo’ (pronounced as ‘khow pek khow bo’ a Hokkien dialect phrase meaning 'to nag')

It is because whenever leempek starts complaining about the messy sight that greets me when I return home each day, my two 2 guilty to the bone ‘siew-yeh chyes’ would teasingly say, “lau-eh, mian 9pek9bo so much la (old fart, don’t nag.....) we are too busy maa…”

Sure enough they were, with one busy lying on the sofa watching video series and the other busily glued to the PC monitor, what can this ‘lau-eh’ do except to 9pek9bo! haizzzz!!

Talking about gluing oneself to the PC… if any married man can spend as much time with his spouse as Charles can with his PC, he should either be a husband 'MADE IN HEAVEN' or they are living at no. 665, nextdoor to the Devil!

Oh yes! Charles’s postcount in the Shoutbox even got him a 2nd ranking
these days.

Not a surprise at all for a person who can even 'kapsiao' so much during his sleep (sleeptalk) and Dr.Dolittling everyday with his hamsters & ‘Boom Tze’ the stray cat……… hahaha!

If he gets any nuttier, he’ll probably be ‘kupster-ing’ (chatty) with imaginery people in his head soon.. and I can imagine his shouting in the SHOUT-OUT would probably be like this…

(note: like any other SO...please read the messages from bottom up)


Elvie said...

wheee got my name oso :D :D :D

kxin said...

both of u have cool relationship as father and son! ;)

ERNST said...

Kxin: cool leh?..but hot that time no one sees nia!!