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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


As every good thing has to got to come to an end, so has that wonderful 2 weeks of General Election excitement and fever Charles and I had. ...and along with the sweet ending, also out-went the not-so-good things we once had. Namely, the ‘toll di-sini, toll di sana’ AYOYO-SAMY as well as our ‘18 years also laid no eggs’ CHICKEN MOTHER!

Hallelujah!!!! Praise God .....and all thosegobloks’, ‘monkeysand ‘nothing to do housewives’ a.k.a. bloggers too! Let’s also give salute to all those voters who have finally woken and found their balls not to fear changes by putting their ballot crosses on anything else as long as it was NOT the dacing!

GE (General Election) has never been that good and rewarding for us! It was all worth the drenching we took for so many nights out attending ceremahs! How I wish my late mom is still around to witness her dream of 20 years coming true.. DAPs tsunami success!
HEEP HEEP HURRAY!!!! (My late mom was one hell of a staunch DAP supporter who always insisted on riding a BN car to the polling center and then vote for the DAP..she said like that more shiok! LOLs) .I'll be going to her grave with flowers and a Rocket mascot toy soon to say,"Mom, wa lang eh lor-ket ka liao pun khee liao!" hahaha! May she rest in peace!

SMS News: Someone told me that Ayoyo-Samy is going to quit MIC and starts the Party Untuk Kaum India ( P.U.K.I) but before that, he’s booking a small corner lot at Lorong Kulit morning market to sell off those secondhand slippers he collected during his GE Road-show campaign! Please be early, stocks limited! Satisfaction guaranteed, if not you can return the slippers to him in the same manner he collected them from our HINDRAF bros when he comes around next!

Charles accompanied me to the Rifle Range Polling Center in RED on polling day (the in-fashion color of that day ..the color of pent-up ANGER )!!!!

I have always regarded it as my parental duty to bring my children along to GE ceramahs to hear for themselves the other side of the story before they turned blur-sotong politically like many young adults are these days. It’s kind of a ‘brain-detox’ therapy to unlearn all those political rubbish that they had been exposed to from the lop-sided news media we have in this country.( please don't farkin tell me he's under age to listen to ceramahs and yet allowed to be bombarded with all sorts of political propagandas from the TV and newspapers in my own home!!!)

At those recent ceramahs we attended Charles had a great time shooting event pics with his FUJIFILM semi-pro camera like he was a journalist. It was a fantastic experience for him… meeting up and camwhoring with Jeff Ooi…and getting a few words from former Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim personally!

Charles with the now Jelutong MP, Jeff Ooi (the 'godfather' of bloggers)

and here is when Datuk Seri had a word with Charles

while caught up in the traffic jam after the Rifle Range ceramah.

2 comments: said...

So it is really you that I saw outside of RedBox Gurney several weeks ago! I knew it is you but dare not approach, sked silap orang nanti. It is you, right?

ERNST said...

Yes Lillian, It was indeed me you saw..U should have taken the risk and ask ma. Kalau silap, the most you could get would be like," Boey Si ar?, Lu kong leempek khow pek khow bo!",,hahaha!