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Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Missing LINKS!

"Linker, Linker...where fore are thou? Please rectifive this really "shortly" because I 'm getting six reading this message, “Oops.. linker is not available right now…. It will be up shortly” on the LINK column….

‘Maaaaaaccherrr-leh!’ apa link pun tak-lak for so many days liao! How am I going to visit my fellow liars, gobloks, monkeys and nothing-to-do housewives of the blogosphere like dat?

It’s so frustrating especially when Leempek was just beginning to enjoy my newfound pastime of going around putting colorful messages in people’s c-boxes like a kid going wild with his crayons!!!

The only friends I could visit now are those who have lately left their URLs along with their messages on my C-box or gave comments.

So ..if you want this cool dad to spice up your Cbox with colors… you know what to do ler ha?
leave me a link somewhere ..okay?

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