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Monday, March 17, 2008

Pics Dedication II

Have to say 'solly' to my blogger friends who came visiting this blog lately looking for some laughs (as this blog was intended to have) but instead found leempek ranting on politics instead. Can't help it la...cos I really bey tahan those sipek jialat political parties liao. Now, they all 'hamkaling' under the Tsu-nami ...tsu-niamah or Tsu-niakong General Elections, no need to talk about them anymore..I think.

Besides that, also 'solly' for not updating this blog more often as I could have. Wish I could but my mind was already preoccupied with anxieties, worrying about my 'Income' and 'expeditures' not 'ngam' and balanced in the near wonder I get so tulan each time I see the BN dacing logo ..hahaha!)

The many sleepless nights I had worrying over these thing$ had made me rather moody and becoming a not so cool dad anymore. ..getting impatient with poor Charles was one of the many 'sins' commited lately ..I confess! Fortunately, Charles being that angel son of mine not only understood and tolerated me but has been putting his best front to lift me up and more clowning antics to bring back some cheers into my life. ( Charles, if you are reading this...DON"T get Oo-Bin! are still entitled to your share of nagging from leempek! hehehe!)

Hope that I can sail through this life checkpoint crisis smoothly soon and be back blogging more often....

But before that, I would like to dedicate these photos I took with the SONY camera I inherited from Charles to those blogger friends who came visiting and got disappointed. So,here's to you...ChanLillian, Saewei, Chingy, Anna, Elaine, NicholasChan, Gen Yong , Aaron Woolala, KOKahKOKand many others who came but did not leave any name in the C-box ...also Lasker,JJ, Willazz and other SO friends of my son Charles.

This was taken from inside the coffeeshop at corner of Kampong Malabar, Penang Road

Rooftop view of Little India taken from my office window.

A part of Kek Lok Si temple.

Taken on the way down from Kek Lok Si Tenple

Both these last two pics taken near entrance of Gurney Plaza.

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chingy said...

Ah; so gamtong. *Sniff sniff*
So long never go Kek Lok Si adee. >_<