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Monday, May 19, 2008

AhLian's & AhHwa's Marders on 'NS Sex Education'

Here's the crap I read.......

Ah Lian’s marder: Ah soh! You got hear or not?…they want to teach SEX education at the NS camp soon?

Ah Hwa’s marder: Ayoh! Can trust them or nottttt? After got chikopek mia trainers take advantage.. we also dunno!

Ah Lian’s marder: Send one daughter to NS, worry maybe can never come back alive.. and now if come back alive also have to worry whether come back pregnant or not. Macam send one and get 1 free lidat!

Ah Hwa’s marder: Better we sendiri teach them hor?

Ah Lian’s marder: Paiseh lah…how to talk about these things face to face? They all different, They got multimedia to use and teach one.. show video on this and that, how, where and when…hampalang got.

Ah Hwa’s marder: Can lah!..We also can get our own ‘Mati-media’ to teach them ma.. We go pasar malam buy that “Datuk Chua’ mia DVD and show them lor! Malaysia mia own video..summor by our own Health Ministry Health Minister..sure good enough for them one I think!

Ah Lian’s marder: Come to think of it hor…what makes them think kids these days are blur sotong about sex like us during those ‘nineteen kerosene-tin’ years? Now got Internet oledi…maybe they are even more pro than those trainers!

Ah Hwa’s marder: yalor!…Maybe we put test to them..see they know about sex or not first lor.

Ah Lian’s marder: How?

Ah Hwa’s marder: Okay…we show them picture of naked man with his balls painted one red and the other blue….

Ah Lian’s marder: Then?

Ah Hwa’s marder: If they exclaim, “OMG! those are the funniest LP balls I 've ever seen!” ..then no need anymore Sex education liao lor” “ They need more prayers instead!”


SilverIsle said...

Ah! I finished my NS too early liao lar! LOLz. =P

Just kidding. Anywayz, I really don't think it's a good idea to implement sex education in NS. They will arouse the trainees curiosity and we don't wanna know what will happen next during that 3 months time in camp.

[fong88] said...'s damn funny ler..XDD

HH said...

jia lat lo.... mana can have sex training in ns camp de? they all siao one la... sex education will never get teach by anyone of them, sex can only educated and get train by natural and not force to learn... those gf mia bf or bf mia gf going to ns for training, better ask them to prevent this education inside the camp... else u will keksim later....

force to train = we call it as rape... under malaysia law, those people having sex underage sure 'ki chia' (kena penalty) one.. but we all understand la, nowadays mia youngster, sure more pandai then those trainer in ns camp la... wat for need to have sex education in camp lagi.... they all really siao gila gila...

as ah hwa's matha said, nowadays have 'mighty-media' liao, some more can show you every style, step by step, no need train liao la right? bodoh mia pun know more this education leh.... said...

Hahaha, if say got practical lessons in NS, sure all the teens die-die want to go NS, not chosen also must go.

ERNST said...

5Xmom: Dunno whether can volunteer as trainer or nor hor?

HH: Maybe by 'SEX Education in camp'they meant the students teaching the trainers kua!

Fong88: funny but after NS camp, Fong88 can also becomes Fong88o!(extra added)No more funny liao d! hahaha!

silverisle: 3 months of worrying!By the time they come back..dads no hair & mums need care d!

Ping Ping said...

siao one..there got boys and girls one leh..and they stay there leh..even if tak kena rape by the trainers (i doubt that), also will get rape by the boys la..sure come back pregnant dangerous...cannot teach sex education one that sure no one let their kids go NS, though the kids might insist la. =P

9pek9bo: U want to apply ar??? =P

wenzi said...

O__O cannot lah.. last time already got RAPE case.. the trainer sendiri not educated now want teach people meh?

Maybe like what u post..

send 1 get 1.. send 10 get 10 ler..

Later talk talk talk..
then touch touch touch..

btw.. u applying? be trainer? hehe

Name: Juanita said...

omgggg.. funny la ur post. hahaha. XD
although i din go to the NS. but, i think its impossible that they'll have sex training in the camp. hmmmm.. mana ko leang? =D
if got then.... its really unbelievable man! hahaha.
but hoh... i think the most of the trainer there is soooooo.... ham sap?! opppssss... =X

HH said...

ooooo student want to be trainer hor.... like that... sure got uncountable people wanna become the trainer one.... lol

ERNST said...

Ping Ping & Wenzi,
If cannot get to be trainer, I apply to be Nature Study teacher can ar?... "Come come children 'kam Yuee sook sook' take "mooi mooi" see goldfish!"

post funny..if the gals come back pregnant, their posture lagi more funny!

Name: Juanita said...

hahaha. gals come back pregnant? hmmmmm.. maybe. but seldom i think. At least i know i won! LOL. =D nowadays girls still got think b4 what they do.. i think? XD tsk tsk..