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Sunday, April 20, 2008


In contrast with the Cbai mulut people mentioned in my earlier post...
HAPPY PEOPLE are always generous with their pleasant compliments .. making them the most desired species to be around with..anytime!

They are HAPPY simply because they make others happy and the happiness rebounds back to them!

In their perceptions of people and situations, they focus ONLY on POSITIVE THINGS . They don’t CRITICIZE others ..neither their own SELVES.

They DON’T go around professing,

"OMG! I'm FAT ... Tua Pooi liao lah!"

"I'm BORING... ...If I talk, people would surely set themselves to SNOOZE mode”

"I’m STOOPID! ....see how I’m gonna screw up in this test!" ......

because they know by criticizing themselves, they BECOME what they think they are, and it effects their performances.

Criticism even on oneself .. IRRITATES people and it makes friends want to smack you on your mulut!

Self criticism is not humility........... it's total STUPIDITY!

HAPPY PEOPLE never criticize others as well. Instead they are quick to detect the good things in others and are equally speedy in complimenting them..

"Wow! That is a nice dress!"

"You are an inspiring teacher!."

"You have a such a nice smile!"

Isn’t it wonderful & nice to be around this kind of HAPPY PEOPLE who choose to see ONLY our positive sides? Better still, why don’t we emulate these HAPPY PEOPLE by looking for just ONE QUALITY in every person we meet today.. and GIVE THEM A COMPLIMENT!

Remember, a compliment is NOT flattery! Flattery is insincere. A compliment is SINCERE RECOGNITION of someone's qualities. Everybody feels UNDER-APPRECIATED and when you give them compliments, you light up their day and in return, they LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE!

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