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Friday, April 4, 2008

Dealing with CBai mulut people!

Ever occurred to you that when we look for good things in situations and people, good things will appear and likewise when we want to see negative things.. It’s even more there for you to grab!

Unwise and strange it may seem, but in our perception of people we often choose to see ONLY the ugly thorns but NOT the sweet roses.

At a gathering I once attended, a poor lass who probably took days to build up enough courage to wear something different she thought would make her look more attractive was instead greeted with this devastating comment-

“Aiyo! Please lah! Legs like elephant’s also want to wear mini-skirt ah?”

Niamahfoolat! That poor girl has all the other good assets for her close friend with a run-away mulut to comment but yet she chose to embarrass her instead! (Why she so like dat one?)

Another crude remark I once overheard but must admit that it was so hilarious I had to join in the laughter was –

“OMG! So old or-ledi ..still want to wear low-neckline dress revealing cleavage for people to see your nen nen ar!” teased a member of the ‘chiak pa bo su choe’ auntie club.

Another added, “Not nen nen susu anymore la… already yogurt storage barrels liao!” LOLs!

Some sipek jialat people can really spend their whole life looking for faults in others…and they proudly tell you, “I’m only telling the truth what!”

These are people I call ‘HAPPINESS PARASITES’ who go around robbing others of their happiness because somehow ..they can only be happy when others are not! They probably figure that when everyone else is a loser, then they must be the winner even though they haven’t even tried!

When encountering such cilaka CBai mulut people the best thing you can do for yourself is-

1) Not to be reactive.You actually have a choice over your emotions. You can choose to feel hurt OR choose NOT to let others spoil and rule your day! The happiness of your day should be entirely in your own hands and NOT theirs (mouths included)

2) Do not be like them looking for faults of others or your own. Instead, start looking for the good positive things in situations or people.

Most importantly, cultivate a good habit of GIVING COMPLIMENTS to others generously to make their day so that in turn, they’ll make yours!

..and I'm saying," YOU OUGHT TO BE SUCH A KIND SWEET SOUL for giving time to read this post!"


angelinemiss said...

true.. sometimes ppl loves to thrash ppl lor.... but owz like to say that kinda of remarks..

don't know what our society has turned into...

Elvie said...

sometimes ppl ask he/she for opinion ah, if he/she trying to be honest, then better try to soften the edges of your sentence also ler..if not, it will end up hurting ppl feelings lo.

and wish more ppl read this post also lah :D

Ping Ping said...

aiseh, like that i go out sure nothing left...sure kena teruk

See like that one fren, run fast fast..and they alwiz like to say out loud, so loud that the whole kopitiam people can hear. So paiseh.

ERNST said...

Yes.. some ppl juz like to go around hurting others. It’s not because of the society but more of the individual’s self esteem. Low self esteem ppl are usually very critical of others. Ppl who cannot like themselves for whatever reasons will find it hard to like others.

Oh yes, u r rite. we muz always be very tactful in giving opinions esp. negative ones. TRUTH HURTS ma! Try telling any lady friend she’s old or she’s fat and see what u get. LOL!

Ping Ping,
Don’t be so paranoid la. We can’t hide away from these kinda ppl…they have invaded earth long time ago liao.. Hahaha!

kyliemc said...

haha..for those ppl, they are just jealous they can't find the courage to do that personally. they try to put down others just to make themselves to better or appearing moe superior.they are seriously the losers instead