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Monday, April 7, 2008

9PEK & 9SOH -the moronic couple

The matchmaker told 9PEK & 9SOH she had found a suitable match for her one year old daughter. Her future husband was only two, one year older than she was.

9PEK and 9SOH then went into their room to discuss about the matchmaker’s proposal….

9PEK: Lou phor, our daughter’s only one year old nia and the boy’s age double hers worrr…!

When she becomes twenty, then her husband must be forty liao ..issit?

Like dat, our daughter has to marry an old man meh?

9SOH: Lohkoong, You salah count orledi la!

Where got like dat count one?

Our daughter is one year old now but in one year’s time her age will be same same with the boy liao maa!


Satkuru said...

hahahaha that was a good one, lol. cracked up my moody morning :P

Ping Ping said...

so pandai er...hhehehehe...

SaeWei said...

Erm... Sweats -_-||||||||||

kyliemc said... funny!!!!

kxin said...

2 more years her daughter will be older than her husband d :P

ERNST said...

Kxin: Lu lagi more pandai!Let the daughter marries you better! LOL!

angelinemiss said...

swt la.. 9pek n 9soh must go learn maths liao.. LOL