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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Handy Products for 2-LAN people!

After an extensive survey, leempek found that people get tulan for many various reasons and on further research, found some very handy products that may help.

For example, if you tulan your boss because he has been acting like an asshole, all you need is this Boss’s Asshole Sharpener..

Each time you cannot ‘tahan’ the boss ..juz shaft the longest pencil you find deep into the sharpener. With a little imagination…You’ll find that sharpening pencils has never been that PLEASURABLE before!


If you are often getting unwanted visitors in the form of salesmen & peddlers who never give up ringing your doorbell…You don’t need to shout “Mai La!” anymore. Just replace your doorbell with this BANGBALLS KNOCKER

and let them bang balls for as long as they want! Eventually they will get the message from their very own actions.


For those who often get tulan-ed because you have colleagues with itchy fingers ..tuning and meddling with the office radio especially just when your favorite ‘wait so long’ song came on air, here’s what you need…. The BOOB RADIO!

They’ll get so ‘paiseh’ that they won’t even want to go near it!


It’s customary for us to serve drinks to visitors but what if the visitor is the ‘si-pek bey tahan’ type whose sole purpose of visiting is to brag and brag and brag until you really get tulan? The answer to your woe here is The PEE PEE GLASS!

By the time he/she brags and drinks enough… your ”DRINK MY PEE!” message should be clear enough!

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