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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thanx folks for your comments!

To: Swei, Benji, Anna & Elaine- glad you like the “Dear Santa” joke
To: flux- glad I have something here that tickles you too.

Yea Swei, this dad not only “rock” but also jive, hip hop, shuffle & pop too!
I’m sure many other dads also blog. After all, beneath that stern looking masks we dads tend to put on sometimes, we are as human as you. The only difference is that we don’t yak or chatter that much thru’the vocal cord & mouth like you ppl do, we do it thru the other end especially after a heavy meal… in flat key. Now you know why it’s called “flatulence”? LOL!

To: eStee who asked “your son is as cool as u... or is it ur as cool as ur son?!”

Lucky thing that I’m one of those rare adults who understands the new gen lingo to know what “cool” means because in my time they said I was “hot” and now this SYT ( sweet young thing) says uncle “cool”! ( world climate changes that drastic meh?) hahaha! Estee, you are equally cool!

I must confess I ‘m juz a beginner here with so much to learn from you folks. In fact, this blog is born after many moons of persuasion, enticement and even bribery by my son, Charles ( appointed my blog sifu). So while he is a chip of the old block, I must say “I am a chip of this young blog”.

Charles told me some of you were taken aback by my liberal usage of the “F” word which I used to spice up the fun in reading before you zzzzz away. The truth is that in person I DO NOT utter such words just like artists who paint nudes do NOT go around naked. The only F language I speak would sound something like this… “Flights of feathered fancy forever frolicking freely from far and farther in fraternity and friendship”.. Now…go get something to wipe all those showerings you just sprayed on your monitor!!!

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