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Saturday, December 22, 2007

HAHAHAHA!…Overdosed of LOL leh?

O Fahk! ( new Dewan Pustaka spelling) I only realized that I ‘ve forgotten to warn you “two-derful” ( more than juz Wonderful) guys/gals visiting here about overdosing with LOL when I noticed the many “hahahas” left on my Cbox.

According to my friend Dr. What Sumthing Sumthing, this is a normal reaction and can easily be relieved by taking “HAHADOL”. The amount to be taken varies according to how many “Ha” spilling out from you.

So, Chingy, WenDY and Anna, I believe u have to take 4 tablets 4 times a day!!! ..but don’t call me first thing in the morning. Anyway, you won’t be able to… because you’ll be busy “toilet Hiroshima-ing” after consuming the HAHADOL. (how else do u think this HAHADOL can stop you from having fun huh?)

I’m even more concerned with Aaron@AxiaL who had a “LMAO” attack… which I was told (by my son, Charles) has something to do with damage of the posterior end.

Aaron, please hang on there, we’ll get this ASSPRIN over to you before you have to rename yourself as Ass-less Aaron@Axial! Hahahahahaha! ( think I better go and down the whole bottle of HAHADOL myself!)

Breaking News: Our health minister is considering a ban on dispensing LOLs in the blogs. He said that the gaomen's heavily subsidized supply of LOLs distributed thru the various statements made by our ministers and their deputies should be sufficient enough!

BTW notes to:

Chingy,WenDY, Anna & Aaron- Thanks for allowing me to bring a little laughter into your life. Do remember your next clinic visit here for more LOL

Kexin and Jeslyn-Obviously you two didn’t read the small print Instruction behind your birth cert la… it says “All dads should be kept cool!”

Kohaku- It’s good you love your dad. But don’t tell your loving mum…she may get you more…!!!!!


Anna said...

I think I really need your Hahadol... Where to get ar???

Nicholas Chan said...

walau, like that also can let you think out the hahadol. can use when they shoot tear gas during rally d . HAHAHAHALOLLOLROLFLLOL

ERNST said...

to Nicholas: U always KNN me, now I have to KNN u balik becos u never pay attention. The HAHADOL is to STOP ppl laughing cannot stop wan leh and the "LOL" tablet to make ppl happy & laugh ma.
U going to form 4 liao...U better pay attention..dont pray pray.. hahaha!!

to Anna:I ordered liao.. but never arrived becos the FED-EX ppl curi makan and now they are all in HA'spital liao.