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Thursday, December 27, 2007

My New Year Revolution Resolution

“Dad, new year coming hor….you got your new year ‘revolution’ or not?” asked JayBoy, the NAWT (Never A-day Without Trouble) sibling of Charles.

“Ssssh! Not so loud, you wanna get me an all free holiday stay in Hotel Kamunting ar?

“It’s new year ‘resolution’ and not ‘revolution’ lah!” I corrected this young MTC (mai-tak-chek) punk just as I had with his mispronunciation of ‘pows’ for ‘pause’, ‘Re-ween’ for ‘rewind’ and ‘ser-toop’ for ‘setup’.

This is the very same accidental clown of the house who coined the word ‘NOUN-LESS’ to admonish Charles after I scolded him (JayBoy) for being ‘boh-now’ (no brains in Hokkien)…LOL!

Anyway, that Revolution/Resolution confusion of words happened many years ago when JayBoy n.a.w.t. m.t.c was just a naughty little kid who used to go around singing, “chin kwai lan….chin kwai lan” to the tune of that mandarin song ‘Sing Thai Luan’ as he cycled around the neighborhood!

As for the resolutions of mine Jayboy enquired? Well.. don’t worry, they have been properly numbered and filed with rest.. waiting for them to be epitaphed on my tombstone someday… making it the tallest structure around Batu Gantong, even overshadowing that PGCC landmark!

It’ll probably read,
“Here lies our beloved ‘Phok-kai’ dad who left us nothing
but this long list of unaccomplished New Year Resolutions.
May his soul rest as peaceful
as these resolutions did all these years!”

Hahaha! I’ll be LOL-ing in the grave then!

Choi! Choi! Choi!..New year coming and I’m blogging about this ‘ngmm hoe yee thau’ thingy!. Ptui! Ptui! Ptui! Let me get back on track and present you my resolutions for this year..

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flying_fish said...

Wow... you're so cool as a dad. =)