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Sunday, December 23, 2007



Mr. Santa Klaus- North Pole

In my job, I need to travel a lot delivering toys & presents to the never-ending list of “NOT naughty” mothersuckers.

Unlike the good ol’days, these teats-maniacs are more demanding and hard to please nowadays, even complaining I’m not getting the right stuff for ‘em. How on earth should I know “ram” is a thing in their PC and not an animal or, Apple is no longer a fruit?

With this increasing stress in my job, yelling
“HO HO HO!” became more of a task than an effort until Rudolf (my not-so-bright reindeer) introduced me to this “LOL”! (He could have also intro me to VIAGRA then but damn it, he didn’t! See? told ya, he ain’t that bright after all!)

Ever since, I can never leave home without charging up my
LOLs from ppl in that little box on the right, called Cbox so that I can “HOHOHO!”
all the way!

Mr. La-Fing Boo Da - Eastern Sky

While I don’t have to go around “ho-ho-ing like
Santa ( my ee-po, char-wa eh soon) brudder, my job requires me to put on a happy laughing face while listening to the woes and wishes of my people.

Most of the time, I find laughing on my job” sup-sup-soi” especially when I come across people wanting me to help them with their weight or hair loss problem! ( OMG OMB! if only they lift their heads up from that kow-tow position and have a good look at me!)

To cut things short,
LOL is my way of Life” and hope is YOURS too!"


SaeWei said...

Ahhhh!!! It's so funny lar!!!! Hahahaha... Sir, you are very de creative can~~~ Aiyor.. :respect:

ERNST said...

Thanx Saewei but pls dont "sir" me cos QE has yet to come to my blog and knight me for inventing LOL tablets..hahaha!
Let's keep our messages fun and informally casual..ok?
Glad to have brought a little laughter to your day too.

SaeWei said...

Hahahaha.. Because it's hard to be fun and informally casual when you are a friend's dad lar.. Aiyoyoyo.. Macam disrespectful nia.. Haha