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Friday, December 21, 2007

Dr."What Sumthing-Sumthing" LOL tablets

If you have this feeling that life’s kowlat and you’re feeling chialat most of the days, it’s time to check out the ppl around you.

This is because you may be suffering from a very contagious deadly disease called “LS2D” ( LifeSuxs-2Death) probably passed on to you by infected ppl around you.

According to Dr.”what sumthing-sumthing”, the symptoms are as follows:

Behavioral symptom- Complaining & criticizing anything & everything under the sky. To the infected mind, everything except themselves sux! ( Mafoolat! Some LS2D sufferers even refer bloggers as “monkeys”!)

Physical symptom- Partial facial Palsy, some facial muscles around their mouths seem to be on holiday- The “see money orso cannot smile” type mia muka!

Mental condition- to the infected, happy times seems as old as those churned up stories in your sejarah books?

To combat this LS2D, Dr.”what sumthing-sumthing” strongly recommends a heavy dose of "LOL" supplements daily which are best sourced from the blogs.

For this Special Seasonal Offer, Dr."What Sumthing-Sumthing" LOL package comes along with a FREE "STRESS REDUCTION KIT" just in case the LOL medication is not working for you!


kyliemc said...

lol..tis is realy funny!! :D came here frm charles' blog..he has a cool dad..

gosh..guess i might need tis tablets too...too stressed out in life :P

Nicholas Chan said...

lol . bang head bar ! siao eh?