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Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Christmassy !

Listening to Christmas songs and carols at this time of the year not only brings me elating joy but also sweet sentimental memories of yesteryears, especially those carefree years when I was much, much, much younger….and naturally, ahem! ahem!..much more…….

Sigh! How I miss those wonderful slaphappy freewheeling years of my life! If any Genie can grant me this wish of time-travel, I am prepared and willing to rub more than just his lamp, even if it has to be his jingling bells that‘ll make him go ‘Ho-Ho-ing’ ecstatically just like Santa does, when he cums comes a calling once a year! Oops! Oh Naughty me! ..

Do I still get presents from that Mr.Obesity in Red if I’m naughty but still nice? I know I’m no angel.. but at least I don’t shaft the pinnacle of my Christmas tree into the arse of an angel like many people do!…I prefer a Bethlehem Star instead on the top of my Christmas tree anytime.

Anyway, in the absence of my angelic looking devil-in disguise, attention-seeking, chatty son, Charlie who is away at college (probably, making Christmas miserable for somebody else…), I could not think of anything more enthralling that I could do than to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee in hand and plunging my lazy old butt onto the sofa to savor the wonderful feelings of Christmas in the quietness of my home… listening to Christmas songs Angel ARES delivered.

‘We Three Kings’, a carol about the 3 wise men from the orient, following the Bethlehem Star*to find baby Isa (Jesus), has always been one of my favorites. This is one song that Charlie and I could duet unpremeditatedly any time of the year…. never minding it’s not even Christmas (and don’t care whether it’s Thaipusam or Wesak day) but as long as dad and son both get cuckoo enough at the same time. See? Our asylum home is powered by both electricity and eccentricity!

Hmmm... If they really came from afar ....from Bodohland here, it will be ISA of Kamunting they'll find and not baby Isa of Bethlehem!

Another of our favorite is of course ‘The first NOEL’ meaning the first Christmasand this is one of the two songs that brought me laughter the way young Charlie sang them in his younger years.

Whenever young Charles started his "Noe-VELL~ oh Noe-VELLLLL…" like he was paid to announce the arrival of the season.... I would respond teasing him, “ Eh? NO WELL? …
NO WELL, GO SEE DOCTOR LA!”.. …and before I could even finished laughing out '
Ho Ho Ho!', he would go around the house breaking the peaceful silence of the SILENT NIGHT with his personal ultimate "Best Christmas hit' singing, "FELIX, NEVER DIE!....Felix, Never Die!" instead of Feliz Navidad!

Tak nampak ke? NO 'L' di sini!

As for the commercial ones, I love almost all of the them. White Christmas sounds sentimental to me. Not that I had any romantic winter solstice’ mushy mushy thingy before. It really sounds good especially when my walls are white, the floor tiles are white and niamah!..….even the many balls of used dirty tissues carelessly thrown and strewn all over the floor by the 2 ‘chew–cheng-kias’ who could missed the waste basket by miles are also White!

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas

if you can't raise a smile…

Even if Christmas JOY is not the source of your SMILE,

let your SMILE be the source of Christmas JOY to others around you.

No matter what SHIT has happened, you haven’t lost your SMILE at all..


Gimme one of your best B4 you leave and

have a Smashing wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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