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Friday, December 26, 2008


Yeah!….It’s Boxing Day!...

But errr….wattafahk is boxing day? Made me spent half a day losing my marbles, wondering why those 'ang mors' need a 'boxing' day?...Could it be a special day set aside for me to go around boxing or punching those ‘chup cheng’ people I so toolan for making my life miserable, immediately just a day after professing love, tolerance and forgiveness in the spirit of Christmas?

How I wish it is, but unfortunately it’s not! It’s neither a day I thought we can just hang around the house naked except for our boxer shorts to air our ‘jingle bells’ in the cool December air!

According to what I just read, it is the day after Christmas day for giving and receiving gifts during medieval times in Britain. (yea, people are more patient in those olden days...they don't 'kancheong-kancheong' unwrap the presents on Christmas morning like we do). It’s also St. Stephen’s Day.( Dunno who's this fella Stephen, but nevermind that because everyday seems to be some kind of saint’s day in the catholic calendar)

The word ‘boxing’ comes from the clay box they used in those days where the workers, their towkays (bosses) and customers put gratuities into it like our present day piggy bank, which would be ceremonially smashed on Boxing Day for the workers to share out among themselves or have a jolly good time. Thus the origin of Boxing Day was all to do with Christmas presents and bonus and not punching someone or wearing just my coolest boxers to air my dingalings!

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