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Saturday, December 27, 2008

9PEK & 9SOH -After Christmas

Ah9Pek woke up the next morning after a night of over-indulgence of drinks at the company’s Christmas party…

Ah9Pek: lou phor! Got Panadol or not?…My head spinning like our washing machine like that….terrible headache la!

Ah9Soh: Aiyoh! You very kowlat la… last night mabuk (drunk) until behave like ‘siao lang’ like that!

Ah9Pek: Was it that ‘jialat’ (bad) like last year meh?

Ah9Soh: Even worse!

You insulted your boss right into his face…saying he'd probably kill his own grandmother if he found out he could sell tickets to the funeral…..

and his wife is so fat that you think she needs a DUNLOP instead of KOTEX!

Ah9Pek: I really said that? But she’s really fat ma.. and that 'PKM' money-face boss is an asshole… Piss on him!

Ah9Soh: You did ….. and he fired you on the spot!

Ah9Pek: Kanineh! Screw him la!

Ah9Soh: I did! …and you're re-employed back at work on Monday!

Ah9Pek: huh?

3 comments: said...

Hahaha... this is a good laugh for me AHAHAHHA

Fleur-de-lis said...

oh my goodness!!! ah9soh was really 'geng'!!! hahaha!!!

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Daniel & Fleur-de-lis,

It makes me go "hohoho!" again hearing you ppl going 'hahaha!".
While Charles is a keen photograper, dad here is a keen 'Proto-laugher'!