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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Expectations-the 'LIFE SUCKS!' Guarantee

Disappointment with people could bring a lot of unhappiness and even hurt. We get truly disturbed and disappointed when people fail to live up to ‘our expectations of them.

More often than not, it is not the disappointing person that is the cause of the problem but sadly, it is our unrealistic personal ‘smart-ass’ views and rules we set in our minds on how each person should think, react, behave or even feel that’s making us disappointed assholes!

We expect people we meet daily to be nice to us ..even if we have always been a paining asshole to them all these years! (itu lain kira, you'll say).

We expect friends to be perfectly truthful and trustworthy enough to keep secrets …forgetting that the last time, it was “trust me, I didn’t really tell anyone, errrrrrrrrr….. except maybe Cindy, Mary, Nicee ..and probably also ….…………… only nia!".

My good son, Charles expects me to understand that besides assignments and studies, Friendster, facebook and photography are all equally important 'never do can die activities in his life...if I don't, I’ll probably be branded an asshole, a pain in his butt!

..and for the mother of all expectations, there are always some ‘Holier Than Thou’ religious people o< o< o< expecting us to live our lives perfectly according to the Dos & Don’ts laid out in the holy book! Niamah! if I really can do that, wouldn’t I be eligible to be the second coming of Christ instead of being just his follower?

The expectations list goes on and on… to each and every person, we have our own unwritten expectations in our mind for them NOT TO FAIL US!

For whatever reason, when people don’t conform to our expectations, we get agitated, upset, impatient or even emotional just because these 'disappointing assholes' somehow cannot match the characters we have already planned for them in our mind! We ruined our day with all sorts of disappointments from our unrealistic expectations and we say, “Kanineh cbai! PEOPLE SUCKS! LIFE SUCKS!”

Isn’t that funny? How much do we really care a damn about living out our lives to meet the expectations of others but yet we demand the rest of the world to be meeting ours perfectly?

Like it or not, nobody is going to cut their hair the way you think it’s nice or dress according to your ‘nineteen kerosene’ taste! Especially so if the latest edition of your vocab bank does not include words like cool’..lame’or ‘sweat’..etc and etc!

In short, no matter how tulan, three-lan or multiple lans you get, no marder-f…ker SOB is going to live his/her life according to your blueprints and expectations! Like you, they are each an individual who needs and deserves the right to have the freedom to be that imperfect being…the Sohais we all are….at least, once in a while!

Merry Christmas to all Sohais who are imperfect like me! We have each other to count as our blessings!


eugene said...

Chill bro, given another 10 years(if granted) our perspectives towards life and ppl and will again change,,,,,,,

Life's short,it gets shorter when we dwell in its all the kan-ni-nehs

remember all those break dance, it makes me happy sometimes

thank bro, chao

SaeWei said...

sometimes we can't help but to feel disappointed and upset when things aren't going our way. Feel even worst when it comes to someone closest to us.

I say it's just a part of growing up. :)

Eh.. But you are all grown up liao hor.. KAKAKAAKKAA

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

So true, close ones hurts deeper because we have more and higher demand of expectations.

Btw, I'm still growing...width-wise!

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Bro Eugene,
Given another 10 old brain will be more preoccupied with how best I can shift my sitting butt sideways to fart than my paradigm shifts!

Right now, while we both still can..let's Rock and breakdance!(believe me,I still can ..just that my electric wave less voltage niama! hahaha!)

princess V said...

nth is perfect in life..
bt fate is in our own ands...
juz try n try n try again...
never try never knw when might the road goes your way...
but... im happie for u dat u hav a rly good son..