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Sunday, February 24, 2008

'X' WHO LEH? You tell me!

Finally, that '5 years once erection’ as promised by our not-so-well informed Minister to the world on international TV recently is ON ... and the game begins!
Just like the many General Elections before this, I get more & more 'tulan' as the GE fever catches on...hearing more & more lies, untruths and empty promises spitting out from those '3-legged fork-tongued' creatures who have no respect for my intelligence! KKN..MCCB!!! They might as well give out free Dunce caps and mark the word 'IDIOT' on my fingernail when we go to that ballot box!

Niamafoolat! .. even that National Panasonic TV idiot box sitting in that corner of my small living room is beginning to betray me and started taking me for an idiot!! One nite it told me that our beloved ‘Pak lala-lala-lah’ says,“ NO dissolving of Parliament tomorrow ” and when that tomorrow came that same idiot box told me that our beloved ‘Pak lala-lala-lah has dissolved Parliament’.
No wonder my relationship with that idiot-box has not been going well eversince I found this alternative box sitting on my desk now... Muaahhkkkk!!! I love my PC (petite cutey)!!! ...wondering now whether I should dump that evil lying National P...... idiot box which used to be my best companion for the last 10 years or... dump that whatever.... Nasional???? X who leh???

Anyway, I have 2 weeks to ponder & decide on my choice and I hope those politicians that come visiting in the next few days with a botox smile macam glued on their faces and an outstretched dirty hand that had just touched lonkangs and tong-sampahs when they were posing near it... on it ...and even in it for cheap media publicity will not influence my decision on my 'X' who leh?

Talking abt cheap publicity, believe me..... my constituency ex-and still YB-wannabe has got 2 or 3 ‘modeling’ albums to show... This cam-whorer had once even rushed to the scene of a burning flat just to have a photo taken of him holding the fire-hose like he was the hero that saved the day!!!..LOLs!!
The best part of the story was that this very same camwhoring YB was nowhere to be found for a year when the tenants of 101 units of low-cost rented houses in his constituency were evicted by the local council and desperately seeking for his help!(his humpty dumpty soldiers said he was away in CHINA for that long period....dunno doing what? Tatooing his eyebrows perhaps....lols!!)
X who leh?…you tell me!

WARNING-For the next few days any YB wannabe that comes bragging to me that they have done/built/provide this & that for my constituency like they were using their grandfathers’ money instead of my hard earned taxed money to provide these provisions and not to mention, the fat allowance they are paid to do just that, will be getting a ‘ptuiii!’ thank you note from yours gratefully me!!!
Thanks to the good education we fortunately once had I'm NOT that sohai they wish I am!

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chingy said...

Very true!
I'm not eligible to vote yet, but I'm going to vote for the Opposition next time. Yay!