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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentine!

Ooooo!! It’s February 14, VALENTINE again!… a time for the lovebirds to do their annual love dance on a day that was originally meant to honor a saint by the name of St. Valentine of Rome.

It all started because of this one cilaka emperor named Claudius II at that time in Rome who wanted to expand his military power by recruiting young men into the army
…but the youths then were too busy ‘phak-thor-ing’ making plans to start families of their own. With their ‘choy lei toh soh’ attitude, nobody was interested in going for National Service.(Real military national service la ..not like our Bolehland’s summer camp ones!)

So the emperor got ‘tulan’..and banned marriages... not allowing anyone to wed!(maybe he had in mind to start SHAOLIN TEMPLE kua..)

…but a priest by the name of Valentine got even more tulan (....maybe threelan) with the emperor’s ban of marriages and went against the order by holding underground secret weddings for the youths who were in LOVE and wanted to get married.

St.Valentine was finally arrested and sentenced to death in 269AD. While he was in jail awaiting for the sentence, many young people visited him, bearing gifts & notes (dunno got teddy bears or not then) to thank and honor him for his bravery...

So.. many many years later, this practice of gifts giving during VALENTINE DAY made Hallmark Cards, along with the many present day gift-shops owners live happily ever after!

That was how the romantic VALENTINE DAY was born.. making lovers so lum and roses so ‘religious’ on this special day!! Religious because when you see the nicely wrapped pretty roses, you'll go, “Oh my God!” and when you see the price tag,
you’ll go, “ JESUS CHRIST!!”


chingy said...

Happy Belated VDAYYYY! XD

SaeWei said...

hahaha... this is the best Valentine's Day story that I've4 ever read lar... good good good!!!!! Me likey!!!!!!!!!