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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


While we are still here in KL celebrating the LUNAR NEW YEAR... the 'LU MIA NEW FEAR ' of having to let loose Charles on his now legal freedom of riding his bike when we return to Penang keeps taunting me.

The only comfort I have now is that...

For the safety of our good citizens, our 'ever-so-clever' good gaomen made very sure that my bespectacled innocent looking cat lover Charles would not turn into a 'road MONSTER', he went through some mandatory intensified 'safe riding' lessons just before the New Year holidays.

After taking his 'undang undang' test ( meant for udang brains I think) and having tempted him to 'Mat- Rempit' in a day of practical rituals , Charles finally got his motor 'Lembu' license!!!
He insisted that all the above fuss were actually meant to protect him instead, from those 'HELL driver' aunties in our Farlim township who are still confused with what's 'kiri' and 'kanan' but yet can be so cocksure of their North, South, East..West Feng Sui thingys!

So, brimming with that same kinda excitement like newly wedded honeymooners who just got their 'license to scr......w', he pasted the 'L' stickers onto his HondaWave like any good citizen would.

So watch out there guys! Here comes the adrenalin charged teenager who is still very blur sotong with the road signs on his wavering HondaWAVE soon!!

Believe me, this is how he actually interprets some of the highway codes when I tested him....

He thinks this sign means ' YOU CAN MAT-REMPIT TILL YOU ARE 55 YEARS OLD!'

This one he says is warning him of those 'MABUK-AUNTY DRIVERS' !!!

"This sign is for reminding the aunties about their WAISTLINE
when they drive to their supper destinations lor", he insisted.

"Direction to Jesus ?"

This one says "LOOK UP when U are driving and U will surely land UP THERE in heaven lor!"

Besides his funny misinterpretation of road signs this guy thinks his 'L' plate means the followings-

1. Caution! This motorist is still LEARNING... how to CONNECT his BRAIN, LEGS and HANDS to the damned brakes system!

2. In LOVE with my bike, DONT YOU DARE SCRATCH IT!

3. LEAVE ME ALONE! I'm already finding hard to handle this one machine!

4. ..and to those who scare the hell out of him by honking from behind., this 'L' means ' ! LOL!!!!!!!

3 comments: said...

Wuah...riding bike? I got plenty of scary stories to tell lor. My independent #1 son took his lesson just one day after his 16th birthday. And just few weeks after his 17th birthday took car driving licence. Now, one Perdana and one Naza dunno what big bike still in workshop. Ok ok, I think Charles not daredevil like my cilaka stubborn son. But now I thank God he has cut down on going out.

Charles - Slow slow hor, cos Penang people memang suey wan, you ride carefully, they also simply hentam one. So slower ride means more time for reflex action. (which again I thank God those video games have sharpen my son's reflex action, dem cun)

ERNST said...

Oh Yes! We parents all share the same agonising time when we have to face the inevitable decision to allow these young 'over-confident baru ada bulu' loveones on the road.
Maybe we should all gang up and start a therapy/prayer group called 'APOM' (Anguished Parents of motorbikers)..hahaha!

I have had enough of tormenting sleepness nites with the elder one (Jboy)and his machine in those days..this fler memang cilaka, sarlaka..silaka..many many laka one!!!!

Charles Key said...

"tai-Ka-cheh' Lilian,
THANK YOU for your kind & sincere advice..'lei yau sum'.

I promise to go slow slow wan..ok?If not, b4 I can hurt anybody on the road, my 9pek9bo dad sure kena heart attack one..hahaha!