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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The ‘Unseens’ in my home!

I don’t care ‘what-defahq’ or ‘who-defock’ these ‘unseens’ are but if I can ever lay my hands on this ‘Mr. Doe Noe’ or ‘Mr. Knott Mee’, it’ll be hell nearer to home for them!

After all, these two sonnaguns and their chinese cousins who go by the names of ‘Ng Chee Toh @Ng Chye Leh’ and ‘Ng Hai Ngor@ Ng Si Wa’ have been making my life even more hellish than Mr. S.A.TAN’s ever since they moved into my home to make it theirs.

Things could go missing, tap left running, dirty tissues strewn on floors or the ever popular opened fridge door act. Arghhhh!!!... there seems to be no end to their mischievous endeavors!

If you ask me how do I know it’s them, I’ll say I know and can even swear at my mother’s grave ( even though my late mom was never buried but cremated) that it’s them and nobody else because my two ‘promise to die if I lie’ good sons, Jayboy and Charleskey SAY SO!

It has always been them and no one else because whenever I asked, “Who-defock left or threw this….. here?” the quicker than speedy gonzale response had either been ‘Knott Mee’,
‘Doe Noe’, ‘Ng Chye’ or ‘Ng Si Wa’ and never any of the us tenants here so far!

Sad to say, I am afraid that my never results yielding hunt for these unseen pranksters has taken its toil on me after all these years, with signs of insanity slowly surfacing… If not, how else could you explain why a dad who works ten hours a day in a kiasu bank by day and with tons of house chores to slog by night, starts blogging?

Please report to me if you come across the above mischievers..ok?

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