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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tickling Ironies

We just could not stop laughing at Charles for having the word “cute” appearing in his Cbox so very often lately...and "Hi Cute!" became the fad within these four walls of our home these few days.

While this word 'cute' may have a different meaning now to the present trend of young users and meant to be complimentary, it was once defined in the dictionary as “something ugly but adorable”! In fact, that was how I started calling Jboy (Charleskey’s bro) “hey ugly!” during his fair share days of this very ironic word.

This, of course is only one of the many baffling ironies in human behavior (‘Mau toon’ in chinese I think) that I find interestingly entertaining.

But the mother of all human ironies is….
why we have to take so much trouble coaxing our babies to learn as many words as possible knowing that later on in their lives, we have to tell them to shut-up and NOT talk so much? ( esp. when parents start losing in an argument with these ‘now big and clever liao’ teenagers.. hehehe!)

Recently, in the midst of Charleskey’s stressing SPM ( examination) days,
I joked, “isn’t it a bad deal, Charlie … you have to write and give them tons of papers so as to get back just one from them? ‘sit pun seng lee la’!”

…and if for whatever godammit reasons, the ‘better-than Africa’ edu. System don’t give my Charles that piece of paper which is no bigger than the many we gave them, dad can make one for him …and this is what I have in mind….

school drop out cert

...we can even hang this and wait for those impressed BTC (Bo TAK CHEK) aunties to come and comment, " Aiyo! your Charlekey very pandai la!" ..hahaha!

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