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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Preparations for the Annual Sales Convention.

Preparation for our coming national sales convention at Genting Highlands this month has kept me busy and unable to find time to ‘9pek9bo’for a while.

As a working committee member (a.k.a. ‘kaypo’ ppl) of the Northern region for this event, I was entrusted with the job to organize, design and make the costumes for our group of 20 +1(commander) Chinese warriors to march, but more likely stroll in during the Opening Ceremony of the convention. (Diuuu! why can't they go in as aboriginal warriors.. then, I only have to make 21 pieces of loin cloths to cover their groins only lorr!..summore saves time, saves $$$$! and airy for their 'ding-alings' mah!)

So, after putting my old rusty brain into overtime gear to come out with the visuals and with the help of Charles, we made a prototype headgear. Last weekend we ‘transformed’ our sales office into a Santa’s workshop and exploited our ‘elves’ to mass produce the headgears.

My visual plan.

Mass production of the headgears by my colleagues ( the overgrown 'elves')

We had so much fun (..or maybe just me, since I was only working with my vocal cord ..hehehe!), we intend to be back this weekend again to make 16 battle flags and to brainstorm for a ‘War-cry’ as required.(funny.. has been wondering why soldiers need to cry before killing their enemies in war… isn’t it the job of the victims’ families to do just that? Hahaha!)

The finished headgears..modelled by Charleskey here.

Nice onot? velly same same like the 'toong toong charnng' opera leh?

Also, as the ‘Paul Moss’(underqualified one, of course) of my company, I have to audition and groom our Idol-contestant and the backup dancers (representing our northern region) for the night dinner event and incidentally, our idol representative this year has chosen to sing “Ja-jam-bo”( dunno whether this song is older or I am…lol!)
Sharing with you here are some pics of the dance practices…

The song goes something like" Ja jaa mmm bo... ni kann wor, wor kann nee...."


SaeWei said...

Ja jamm boooooooooo!!!!!!!!

angelinemiss said...

hmm.. im wondering what song is that.. dont tell me is that CHA CHA BOH a.... swt swtswt

themuxicbox said...

Charles actually look nice in the headgear! Lolx

JJzai said...

I wanna dance also!!!!!!!!!!!!
u use Charles to test the headgear kah?

ERNST said...

JJ, u wanna dance JA JAM BOOOOOO...meh? First, u must drink/eat a lot of BO-BO-CHACHA until u hear your stomach got chacha drumming music la! hahaha!