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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our sharing session before bedtime

The 3 'kokonuts' at one of the b4 bedtime sharing session in 2006
( earlier pics available but release form not approved by Charles to publish..hahaha!)

Pre-bedtime has always been an entertaining time for our small family here all these years. While it is supposed to be a kind of ‘Dad-Opened for Discussion’ hour, a sharing time for us to put forth proposals and all family related business... it usually turns out to be more like 'Dad-Opened for Attack' hour because this is the time where I have to take off my ‘dad stripes’ and join in the rank!

Without the DAD authority card, none to say I am no longer a sideliner in their name calling and teasing games…ending with names such as ‘LAU-EH’ (the old one) or ‘TUAPOOI’ (meaning fatty... ahemmm! this is only the opinion of two BOKASI CHUP CHENG KIA anorexics nia!) Oops! I just cursed myself…hahaha!

No matter how I tried making this sharing session a serious matter, with this Charleskey the circus escapee around, it somehow always end up more of a teasing/jokes & riddles session... making us all go to bed still laughing and smiling like fools!

Here are some of those funny riddles we shared over the years.....

Who’s that pak haji who lost his motorcycle?

If Playboy Magazine is scouting for a Punjabi girl to feature in centerfold, who would you recommend?
Boh Cheng KAUR (not wearing pants in Hokkien)

Why do we assume Hokkiens adore Gandhi’s mother?
It’s because they often exclaim “GANDI LAU-BOH!”

Why the Chinese Hakkas dislike the ‘MACARENA’ song
It’s because it sounds vulgar to them …. ‘MAK KAI LIN AR?’

Why Cantonese do not carry ‘Charles Jourdan’ bags anymore?
Because it says, “CHA CHI CHOR TANNG” (cumbersome to carry)

Do you have any idea what a blind deer is called?
NO EYE DEER (No Idea!)

Why nobody dances the ‘A-GO-GO’ at the disco anymore.
It’s because most of the leg muscles of those who know ‘A-GONE-GONE’!!

How do you make your nenek/grandma/ah phorr do the ROCK & ROLL?
Add wheels to her rocking chair!

What is worst than finding a worm in your half eaten durian?
Finding Half a worm!

Why is the skeleton afraid to cross the Jalan Raya (road)?


Nicholas Chan said...

knn, your brain so good, like this also can let u think out so farny eh thing. keat. hajiNOMOTO. lol. and GANDIlaobu.

ERNST said...

Nicholas, Not all the riddles are thought out by me leh..only some nia.... 'lapsap'brain can think 'lapsap'things ma...hahaha!