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Friday, June 18, 2010

Another CANDLE Added!

I always have mixed feelings on my Birthdays. While on one hand the only thing I thought I ever wanted on that day was NOT to be reminded of it but yet when those birthday wishes arrived, it slowly lifted my spirit as I realized I am not forgotten and not in oblivion as I always thought I should be at this stage of my life. Oh gosh! Is nice to know that there are still people out there who cares that it was my special day!

With new revolutionized communication tools such as internet MSN, emails, Facebook and SMS we have these days, there wasn’t any way I could escape the thought of getting another year older even if I wanted to as birthday wishes from near and afar, from the old and young, from acquaintances to closed ones, started pouring in 2 days ahead…
(Wei niamah!! You buggers are so happy that limpek gets older ..izzit? Besides, why only wished limpek just a Happy birthday?  What about the rest of my 206 days for this year?)

Son #1, Jboy asked, “Lou-tau, Wanna have a little ‘family only’ cake-cutting-sing-song celebration or not? “

Before I could answer, Son# 2, Charles took that opportunity to start another of our father-son wisecracking bout …. "Birthdays are good for you, you know? Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest!”

That started it! I put on an emotive look to plot my return ball for this witty wise-cracker and said, “Aiya! What’s so good about birthdays when you start suffering from the 3 illnesses of aging?”

“What 3 illnesses?” they asked.

Losing my memory is one…..the other two, err errrr…I’ve forgotten already la…see?” hahahaha!

At dinner that night, a very touching scene from across my table caught my attention. There were only three persons at that table. Two men in their fifties, both seated closely by the sides of an old lady on wheel chair.

The two men, who appeared to be the sons of that old lady, were hardly touching their own bowls of rice as they preoccupied themselves attentively caring and feeding their white haired mum.

As she took her time to chew the food, the men would smile and speak softly into her ears even though she hardly seemed responsive to their tender words.

I told sons to watch and learn something from there…

“ Haizzz… if only you two can treat me like that if ever I get wheel-chaired in the future…How nice! Die also with eyes properly shut la”, I sighed.

“Lu khee-si ka-ho la! (It’s better you go and die!)”, Jboy bluntly retorted but quickly added, “Err.. lou-tau, I mean.. I don’t want to see you suffer like this….”

Charles looked at his brother and said, “Easy nia maaa!.. We just ‘accidentally’ give a push to his wheelchair at the top of the stairs, kow tim lor! End of your worries! hehehehe!” 

Niasing! What unforgiven sins have I committed to deserve this guy?


rainbow angeles said...

Ooo... fellow Geminian! ;-)

So, should I wish you Many Many Happy Returns The Whole Year Through? =) Hope you made a wish b4 blowing!

The candle, I mean.. hehe...

ps: How to 'friend' u in Facebook? ^^

reanaclaire said...

Those are your kids, limpek? :p
All looks like brothers and sisters to me..

er...btw, before i forget...

Happy Belated Birthday to U ..

9PEK9BO said...

Ya...after losing 7kg & 3 inches of my waist, they suddenly become my 'brothers & sister'...hehehe! Thanks for the belated wish.

9PEK9BO said...

You naughty naughty...I spank you! hahahha!

KOKahKOK said...

i'm back to visit your blog... n of cos send my late late late wishes here!!! happy old 1 year :) good health always!