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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robert's LAUsy Sunday!

Gandhi-lauboh!”  No no, I wasn’t calling out for Gandhi’s mom. It was just one of those swearing Sundays I woke up to… gandhi-lauboh-ing every time I read about how our tax monies were being used to fish for votes in another By Buy-Election!

Honestly, I have no qualms about politicians pledging our tax monies for flood mitigation projects or assisting some schools but do we always have to wait for some elected YB reps to get ‘tapao-ed’ and really gone YB (yonder below) first before such financial aid comes around to these deserving needy situations?

The night before, I went to bed feeling disgusted and as sore as Saifool’s ass when I read that even the churches were not spared in their last minute Buy-election shopping spree!

By dangling a RM1.7 million carrot in grants, what were they expecting my 'Yeh-Soh hengdais(brothers in Christ) in Sibu, Sarawak do on polling day? Vote against their conscience and integrity because Santa in WonderBolehland promised them goodies if they be 'good’?

If you asked me, for insulting the integrity of my religion, my revulsive reaction would have made me do otherwise and also mark the ballot paper in this manner (see pic below) as a hint of my unhappiness...

....hmmm that would have made the ballot counting process that night a little more religious when counting agents start exclaiming “OMG! Jesus Christ!"  hahahaha!( Just kidding nia...I would not want to risk my ballot getting rejected for putting anything else other than an 'X' on it...LOL!)

Having uncomfortably placed in such an awkward position with the integrity of the church at stake, I would not be surprised if the sermon on that Sunday polling morning went funny like this …

"Folks, the subject of my sermon this morning is on Christian integrity and honesty.

How many of you here this morning have read the 69th Chapter of Mathew?"

and when hands in the congregation were raised....

"You are just the folks I want to preach to before you go to the polling station today,"

"There ain`t no 69th Chapter of Mathew!."

Anyway, right from the very second I jumped out of bed I got my eyes practically 'glued' to my monitor following the polling day events from live.
For me, it was far more exciting than watching the Thomas Cup live telecast games and God must have heard my silent prayer masked beneath all my 'gandhi-lauboh' was indeed Robert's LAUsy Sunday... he lost and  WE WON!

Exodus 23:8
And you shall take no bribe, for a bribe blinds the clear-sighted
and subverts the cause of those who are in the right.


reanaclaire said...

nice write out! didnt know about the carrots and all the "u be good" hints.. so.. integrity won over greed in the end... :p

9PEK9BO said...


It's a "Gua tolong sama lu..Lu tolong sama gua" kind of story la!" hahaha!

Adrian said...

deal or no deal ~ !!!

9PEK9BO said...


Rakyat there said," DIU!!!!" wakakakaka!

Biopolymath said...

This "buy" election is for the glory of someone else, not the candidate as I see it. Let's deny him that!

9PEK9BO said...

Yesss!!!Let's deny and vote for a positive CHANGE!

[fong88] said...

seriously no eye see x.X