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Monday, February 1, 2010

Y? Y? Tell me Why!

Back 9pek9bo-ing here again but….errrr…ermmm… wadda-efff was I planning to write just minutes ago? (scratching head......)

Sei lor! Am I having early signs of the Alzheimer’s disease or is it just a post depression thingy? No wonder my son always says “Lou tau, I think you nyanyuk (dementia) oledi laa!”..and when he said it again last night I was quick to hantam balik (shot back) "No la..I don't think so, I can still recall very well the incident last week at the pasar malam where your friend mistaken me for your brother leh!" hahahaha!

Niamah! Why is it so easy for me to forget the things I need to remember and yet so hard to forget the awful things that need to be forgotten?

Oh, fuck a duck! Here I go again… letting the PAST steal my PRESENT, wasting tears for griefs of yesterdays…..guess I better ‘duck the fuck’ instead and change my mental frequency here to think of something funny to post instead… (Well, they say 'Shared grief is half the sorrow, but when HAPPINESS is shared, it's DOUBLED!)

But really…. come to think of it, there are so many unanswerable
'whys' in life, with some so perplexingly funny too.

Recently a close friend called to tell me the great news that his wife is pregnant and I asked, Weiiii! Did you notice that her friends all came to rub her stomach as they congratulated her but kannineh, w
hy none of them came to rub your d1cky and say ‘Well done’ or ‘Good job’ huh or even 'Good SHOT!' to be precise?”

Since I mentioned about that Alzheimer's disease …It’s baffling me
why more money is now being spent on researching how to enlarge the size of ladies boobs and resurrecting men's dead dicks than on finding a cure for this horrible disease?

I have no complains about those B (Barely Boobs) cup size ladies going for breast implants …but I can’t understand why those already being gifted with a C (Can’t Complain) cup size risking their lives to have a heavy pair of F’s (Farking Fakes) (o)(o)?

Neither am I complaining about those impotent grandpas telling me that they are going to China to find err...some new found relatives, some ‘piao-meis’ (cousin sisters) with the help of ‘brother Wei’ (WEI KER a.k.a Viagra) but isn’t it more important that these impotent grandpas pay more attention to their hardened arteries and rising blood pressure instead of their hardened dickies and up-rising pleasures?

With ladies engrossed in enlarging boobs, men busy strengthening or lengthening their old flag poles and nobody interested in finding a cure for the Alzheimer's disease now, hmmmmm.... by the year 2040, won't we be seeing a lot of old nyanyuk (dementia) grandmas with BIG saggy boobs and old nyanyuk grandpas with huge erections, all absolutely having no recollection of what to do with them? … hahahaha!

But...the mother or all
whys in my mind now which is kind of disturbing is ... Why I rather not tell you the title of this movie I gonna watch as soon as I finish posting this! Please don't ask me WHY..ok?

<<<< See for yourself, to tell you the title leh?


rainbow angeles said...

the reason you cannot remember is not becos of dementia... it's simply because it's not important! ;-)

9PEK9BO said...


You are such angel! Thanks for giving me such positive affirmation to hang on.

Btw, just after I published this post I went to make myself a cup of coffee. After opening the 2 in 1 coffee packet, I threw away the coffee sachet into the kitchen waste basket instead of the outer foil sachet! Lei wa Sei ngmmm sei leh? LOL!

reanaclaire said...

9pek9bo..i tot i am the only one who is considered quite "young" of age and yet so forgetful at many times.. so now i can shake hands with u... frens used to ask me whether i "satt yik" ah... i couldnt help it, really i couldnt.. i tried to remember but i cannot recollect, not my fault, right? after going thru 4 operations, how can one expect me to have a mind of a genius, huh... :)

9PEK9BO said...

We both have inadequate disk space already, lol! Time to do some mind-disk cleaning, but like I said, it's so hard to erase those unwanted files in our mind, haizzzzz...