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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Xin Nian Dao le, so..Can I fook you?

Xin Nian Dao, Can I f__k you?

errr…… I mean "The new year is here, so Can I fook you?”

Wait!…Hold your horses!
Before you start accusing me of being hardcore vulgar and that I am offering my salacious proposal here, let me explain….

Actually, what I am trying to say is...
Can I you?” to ask whether I can wish you Good blessing or fortune.[ -chok fook in Cantonese

After all, it's Chinese New year, a time where we traditionally go happily ‘fook-ing’ one another..don't we? hahaha!

And for a bit of info on the Chinese 'ching-chong' tradition........

The Chinese character (fook) means ‘Good Fortune’, 'Blessing' or ‘Happiness’ and sometimes this symbol is invertedly hung or pasted as a decorative item since an upside down ‘fook read as FU DAO in Mandarin, sounds very similar to the words ‘FORTUNE arrived! So there you are, we Chinese have fun ‘fook-ing upside down’ everything in sight to bring good omen! hahaha!

Hanging or pasting the inverted 'Fook' symbol everywhere...on containers, on the doors, on the walls...and Oops! someone must have pasted one on the butt of baby 'Small[sai]Foo' too..that would explain a lot of things these days! LOL!

The Story behind....

...... the Upside Down 'Fook' symbol I mean and not Small[sai] Foo's butt...ok?

The ‘Fook-ing upside down’ custom originated from this story which happened during the reign of emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang of the Ming dynasty (limpek mia Zhu ancestor, if you need to!)

One day, to keep in touch with the outside world, Emperor Zhu masqueraded himself, hiding his royal identity he went about ‘kaypo-ing’ in the streets of his kingdom. (hmmm.. niaseng, I bet he was actually out there looking for the best Bak-kua, tee kueh or kueh kapek in town to celebrate CNY!.)

Anyway, back to the story…. the Emperor got very ‘toolan’ (exasperated) when he came upon a poster ridiculing his wife, the Empress! The enraged emperor Zhu ordered his ‘macai’ (soldiers) to investigate and to trace who were those ‘boh-kasi-hamkalings’ responsible for making a joke out of his wife, the Empress!

Before long the culprits were traced and their homes identified. The emperor ordered his macais to mark the culprits’ home by pasting a ‘Fook’ symbol on their doors that night so that they could return to fry their asses the next day!

Upon hearing this, the kind, tolerant and forgiving Empress quickly went into action to save the very lives of those culprits who had angered her husband for ridiculing her. That night, she secretly sent her own ‘macais’ out to order every household to paste the ‘Fook’ symbol on their doors too as to confuse the infuriated emperor and his soldiers when they come looking for asses to fry the next day..

s it happened, most of the villagers were 'sipek sorhai bo tak chek' (stupid illiterates).... in their hurry, they mistakenly pasted the
‘Fook’ symbol upside down without even realizing it.

Emperor Zhu was confused and even more ‘toolan’ (enraged) when he saw the inverted symbol the next day but before he could go, “Kannineh, limpek now so toolan .......” the Empress quickly said....... "Aiya, hubby lou-koong.... See la, the villagers are so happy knowing that their most loved emperor is coming, they even pasted the ‘Fook’ symbol upside down to mean your visit is like the arrival of Good fortune and happiness to them!

The Emperor was so ‘shiok-ed’ (delighted) with the explanation, he forgave the offenders. Asses saved and thus started this trend of Fooking upside down’ to bring good omen during the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

End of story... Have a wonderful '-ing' CHINESE NEW YEAR!



SaeWei said...


I can't imagine fooking my father in law.. LOL

9PEK9BO said...

Saw wei,
Aiyahhh!You gonna miss the fun of fooking your Monster in-law kao kao this year too! LOL!

rainbow angeles said...

Yes! U can fook me! Cum, let your fook cum!

(Did I just say that? Geez!!)

Ohhh.. now i know why the fook is tobalik...

Keong Hee Huat Chye! =)

9PEK9BO said...

LOL!...hahahahaahaha!Craziness is contagious..... Thanks for bringing some laughter again in this most sad episode of my life. Please do continue to cheer me up. It will take some time before I can recover from this...if I ever can.

KOKahKOK said...

haha fook you uncle!
i like your avatar look... nice nice nice