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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reinventing myself!

Jboy has been telling dad here to get out more often and enjoy the healthy sunshine instead of living a reclusive life and getting nowhere except into depression!

Niamah! Doesn’t he know that the sun
in Bolehland here doesn’t just shine? It practically burns, sears and scorches! So wtf is so healthy about getting his dad scorched out there huh? Come to think of it, who says we don't have a four seasons climate here? We actually have and they are called Hot, Blardy hot, Farking hot and Blardy farking HOT!

In response to his never-ending nagging that I should get back into shape and into that 'full-of-action and positively energized' dad I used to be ......

I went, “Wei! Does this slightly pot-belled fei-loh with a weaken left leg that needs to be massaged twice a week resembles anything close to that ex-catwalk model cum
latin ballroom dancer dad you once had before?” hoping that he could at least say a soft “yes” before any ‘but’ follows in his reply. But niasing, all I got was “ errr,…err…” and lots of laughter...

Finally, sometime just after the Chinese New year, I relented and heeded his advice. He was right, I need to re-invent my life again! The first thing I knew I had to do was to improve on my physique, to reshape before it is too late.

It has not surprised me at all that the latest survey shows that 60% of Malaysians are either overweight or obese
because the only thing I observed being 'Truly Malaysia' these days is seeing Malaysians morphing into the exact contour shape of the Malaysia peninsula! Truly 1 fat Malaysia indeed! hahaha!

It must be the power of vanity that drove me into doing something I thought I would never do
....I started changing my eating habits and stuck strictly to these 3 GOLDEN RULES of dieting like they were some missing commandments of God that Moses had missed!

less rice, less noodles, less capati......
Okay, okay..I know this sounds suicidal to many of!

nor deep fried stuffs ..
no KFC, no goreng pisang. goreng ubi or goreng whatever...

and no more excessive intake of sugar...
Only now I know the meaning of 'chneah'
in the coffee-shop lingo..

Instead I started taking something I hated all my life...VEGES!

My lunch these days....
a colorful assortment of veges...and fruits too (Thai Mangoes are my favorite!)

.....with eggs and mackerel fish added for more protein.

While such diet is helping me to get back my shape externally, it is important that my body is fed with plenty of good essential nutrients. Otherwise, I will be just as good as a blardee recon old
car...looking cool but the engine and parts inside are falling apart! So, I started on a *Nutritious drink and herbal program to replace my breakfast and sometimes my dinner as well....

The result? ... An amazing lost of 5 kgs in 7 weeks!.....
with the pot belly and the 'spare-tire' ring around my waist...finally GONE! Luckily I didn't throw away those pants I outgrew in the recent years because I knew all along that someday we will reunite like lovers often do...hahahahaha!

Even my face got slimmer and fats are disappearing from my neck too... lol!
Pic on left taken just before Chinese New Year at nephew Jeremy's wedding.
Pic on right taken last week while visiting the Sisters of the poor Home for the elderly.

Now my son keeps saying I look I told him maybe he should introduce me as his 'kor-kor'(brother) instead of ‘lou tau’(dad) when we meet his friends from now on..hahahahaha!


Anonymous said...

Finally ! (the new post)Still creative and witty!Looks like if you continue on the diet,soon you and your boy can share clothes.

9PEK9BO said...

Anon 12.24am,
Ya, I'm back but a bit rusty in writing (have to keep on editing after published..hahaha)

Thanks for the sharing clothes tip ..but unfortunately son is not so successful yet in the reverse diet of adding on weight.

rainbow angeles said...

mmmm... Shall we dance? ^^

but hey, i prefer (ahem!) the pic on the left! has anyone told u that you look a bit like... alan tang? u know who is alan tang bo?? hehe..

9PEK9BO said...


Sei lor! You're the 2nd person today who prefers the fatter me with double chin..LOL!

SaeWei said...

The shape of malaysian map/human is really cute!

9PEK9BO said...

Continue to cook nice dishes and very soon FireWire will be 'cute' like this!LOL!

SaeWei said...

I really hope that he will be round loh.. fat fat nice to hug :D