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Friday, February 13, 2009

'Ta-Siu-Yan'... Let the curse begins!

he conversations between son,Charles and dad here these days are getting more and more Chicken to Duck talk or more accurately, a ‘Hamster to Frog' talk situation!
While dad is ranting on those cilaka YBs mutating into jumping Froggies, teenage son is forever disrupting dad with either his ‘See my hamsters so cute!' or 'See my hair color so nice!' opening statements to another 'hamster or hair' conversation.

Never have I ever come across so much condemnations, curses and hateful remarks in cyberspace being leveled on just one lady (if I may still address her as one) of this country. She has been labeled as a Hon-Kan' traitor to the Chinese race, modern day female Judas and all sorts of extremely degrading nicks for her treacherous sins that shot her to overnight fame notoriety!

I also read about the angry reactions of the public, such as mock funeral
being staged where pictures and paper effigies of her were stomped and burnt to curse death upon her. Her home and service center were pelted with stones and the owner of that rented service center is now reported to be evicting her. Her village folks are openly condemning her in public and accusing her of bringing shame to their village name while market folks are refusing to sell products to anyone related to her. All these, undoubtedly brought her down into history, as the most hated and cursed lady so far in this nation!

When Charles finally caught the drift on what I was ranting, he said,"Eee-yer!, She really 'chau char bor', I think in the olden days the Chinese people would have 'Ta' her 'Siu Yan'" apparently referring to the olden days ritual of 'beating the wicked enemy's soul' to curse her.

'Beating the wicked enemy's soul' or 'Ta Siu Yan' as the Cantonese call it, is a long lost and almost forgotten Chinese ritual practice of swearing and pounding the wooden clog loud and hard on the image of somebody you 'so toolan' and hope to jinx. It's quite similar to the practice of sticking needles into a voodo doll to curse someone.
(see how clever our Chinese forefathers were, to come out with such a healthy psychological way of releasing pent up ill feelings!)

Hmmm… Come to think of it, why not? Why not instead of rowdy street demonstrations or candlelight vigils, we have a Chinese culture rediscovery experience of a mass Ta Siu Yan ritual event organized? Such an event would not only help the HEE-haters to de-stress themselves but also be seen as a wonderful cultural tourist attraction as we rediscover this lost Chinese tradition. Besides, we can also get into the Guinness book of records for having the first ever mass Ta Siu Yan ritual, another Malaysia Boleh achievement to grab!

Wow! Just imagine how spectacular and fun the scene can be with hundreds of participants (like those shaolin temple scenes like dat..) squatting along the roadside or in an open space carpark, all simultaneously and rhythmically hammering their wooden clogs away while cursing....

“Ta lei-ke sei yan thou, ta lei-ke sei yan hau!(Hit your blardy head, hit your blardy mouth!)

Ta lei-ke sei yan keok, ta lei-ke sei yan sau!(hit your blardy legs, Hit your blardy hands!)

Tarng lei harng toe pin, hark toe pin... (so that wherever you go, bad luck follows)

Hoe-keh ngmm lei, chau-keh ngmm chow! (Good things never come, bad things never leave!)

How about that? Wanna join me 'Ta' that "SIU YAN' and whack this 'HONKan-frog' kau kau until she 'swei' for a million years? Anyone?


Adrian said...

dun whack me can already...

u're not using my pic for the illustration right ~ xD

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

You so 'kwai', where 'seh-tuck' whack you one?

That mean that frog-bitch got your good looks? hahaha!

reanaclaire said...

wah..wei.. one million years ah? hoe loi wor.. hoe cham ..hoe cham.. ah...
teen ah...

very cham .. how to pass day by day like that.. people talking bad .. i really cannot take it .. either have to accept it or no shoes also have to take clogs and run..

btw, i m wondering, how did u get those pics in yr blog?? very sun seen leh... geng..

Raynebow said...

Yes, i support this Ta Siu Yan Beramai-ramai!

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

All the graphics, cartoons & banners here are my own creations..ahem! Ahem! (clap!clap!) Glad you like them.

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Raynebow, if got I also wanna go! More fun than candelight party..hahaha!

Ping Ping said...

ehhh...we dun tar siu yan la but we got wear the clogs and like step step step..mummy say lap siao jin...same ar??? Cuz got people will like boh kam buan us or want to harm us. Then we step step step on the spot with new clogs while thinking of that person. Lol, some tradition that we enjoy doing so much just because we like to wear clogs. HAHAHA.

But now I am a Christian, I wonder if such tradition can still be done. I did though cause I was thinking all about wearing the clogs only. =P

KOKahKOK said...

ya dun whack me...whack that stupid lao eee