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Friday, January 16, 2009

tHe Cuckoo-Looney BuY-Election Showtime!

lthough the belief of the moon’s loony effects on human and animal behavior has not been accurately established, we all do know that
bizarre things do actually happen on a full moon night! (at least they do in those scary DVD movies.. right?)

So,when the sky is filled with not just one but countless images of white full moons on green fabrics flapping in the Monsoon winds everywhere in that East Coast land of the turtles preparing for a Bhai-ERECTION
, err… BUY-ERECTION , errrrr.. I mean…. a By-Election, can people get 'LOONEY' over these mass images of a full moon?
I personally think it could and that explains the strange happenings each time we have a by-election when someone kicks the bucket too soon.

So, IT' SHOWTIME ONCE AGAIN FOLKS! Watch out for the Mindless Circus Antics coming to town and the rare performance of normally hostile animals who could tear you to pieces and bathe you in blood acting like your caring loving nanny!

On the top of these exciting shows and specially for this Chinese New year festive season, some ChoySanYehs may be popping up everywhere and anywhere to surprise you with some goodies telling you " Kami Kongsi Kongsi fa cai, angpow sudah angkat, Lu mesti undi gua ma chye!"

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