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Thursday, December 17, 2009

BreakMe! Make Me!

Finally watched the long awaited 2012 movie... For everyone, it's a good disaster movie... but to me, it was disastrously more than just that! There were some scenes that actually 'tsunami-ed' my emotions.

There was this particular scene pulling at the strings of my heart making me mushy and almost teary! (The old musician in the cruise ship who suddenly realized that life is too short to hold grudges, tried to call his estranged son ...but that unforgiving young man hesitated just for a second and…KABOOM! It was GAME OVER! Really Hum-ka-ling!) No, I didn’t need any tissues. … I just smoked myself dry!
(ETA- Just heard from a nephew that his16 y.o. brother was sniffling watching this scene....found my soul mate in sensivity? LOL!)

Mid way through the movie, my thoughts wandered away...recalling I once asked someone how we should end the last seconds of our lives if 2012 is for real. The answer was, “Let’s all hug and wait for the final second.” ………and here’s where I learn the great painful lesson of NOTHING is PERMANENT in life as life itself is not even permanent!

Ya, life is a roller coaster with its UPS and DOWNS. But, the trouble is…I am now like totally thrown out of the ride and hitting hard on the ground! Any further down, they’ll have to give me a headstone and heap me a mound. The epitaph reading......

Its' nothing 'kiasu' or what ...but limpek don’t even have to join you ban-ban-tan (wait) till 2012, my world has already crashed on me!

So… like a tsunami victim trying to salvage whatever he can find, I’m now still trying to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart among the debris of my life strewn all over in the aftermath..sniffle...sniffle ..sniffle!

All I could do now is to find a comforting spot in that gaping hole which once housed my heart……. to endure the pain while the Good Lord tears me down piece by piece in his big plan to renovate my soul, changing my wounds into wisdom. A wiser man now but sadder one too...Can't I just be that happy witty fool?..haizzz!

HE has to BREAK me to MAKE me, I know… but why can’t my 'Yeh-Soh kor' plan a better time for all these? No more Christmases again for me? Ouchhh!

Okay, okay....That is as far as I could go sharing my woes because I suddenly remember that "Solitude" poem which says, “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Cry, and you cry ALONE."

Keeping myself healthy and in shape everyday.....just in case I have to run like mad in 2012!

Btw, Waterfall Garden is in the vicinity of many Indian temples ..need such colorful attire to blend into the crowd ma..


Anonymous said...

So long no new post,can sense some depressed mood here.Care to share it with your readers here ?Have to let it out ! if not will burst ! then how ? surely will miss your `witty' blog. Regards.

9PEK9BO said...

Thanks Anon12.05am , That was as far as I could go..and just once only! This blog was and still is.. intended to be 'HA-HA' blog ( not a 'hoo-hoo' one..) where I can share some laughter and spread some cheers to others. I rather be the witty fool than a foolish wit.....