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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sandwiched, perspiring but glad I was there!

Was about to update last week when suddenly the news of TBH’s mysterious death broke. Sigh... was too overwhelmingly saddened to be in the mood to share some laughter in this blog as intended. (If by now, you‘re still not familiar with the name Teoh Beng Hock… I suggest you google it.. or better still, go fly out from some 14th floor window and get to meet and know him personally! Oops! sorry to sound so mean..cos' I'm in very toolan mood la! *so 2lan until I spelled the word 'sandwiched' as 'sandwitched' in this post without realising until a day after !)

Anyway, just before I left for the Justice for TBH solidarity gathering yesterday I commented on Lilian’s 5Xmom blog….teasingly volunteering to be her ‘tripod assistant’ in her task as a CITIZEN JOURNALIST there at Wisma Penyayang…

I hurriedly left home for the venue without realizing she had replied, suggesting that I take some close-up shots of people’s facial expressions there last night…

Alas, by the time I got to read her suggestion, way too late at 5am this morning, (after a good night rest of my aching body and feet. Stood 3 and half hours throughout the forum weii!....) all I found in my camera were something like these below….

errrr.......shots mostly showing the back of people's kelapa kepala!

........ so I replied her.

Diu! Angry or sad facial expression shots tak lak la..... but plenty of these back shots showing ..errrrr... people losing hair over the sad incident perhaps!
(Toolan until 'Loot Mor' la!)

and legs-shots .... that don't tell much.....But, sadly that was the only other option of view I had there while sardined right at the back of the crowded hall!

See my heavy PAKALOLO boots
that I always wear to crowded events for fear of being stepped on? This is what they called 'Batu' shoes heavy as rocks...hahaha!

and more legs here....

........and what about this 'shoulders' shot? Can see the anger and sadness of those people there or not? No?

Fortunately, when the forum ended I went forward to the front and took some shots of our super lady Citizen Journalist, Lilian in the media crowd ...interviewing, recording. cam and video shooting our CM..

Well..I don't have any close-up angry facial expression shots to show here.... but the very fact that thousands of Penangites were there, cramped and sweltering in solidarity speaks aloud their anger as well as their care and concern.

Pics showing the rest of the crowd who could not get into the hall, watching live broadcast projector screen at the foyer downstairs...


eugene said...

The truth such as this shall never prevail in this land filled with crocodiles that would wallop you up when their interest is at risk.

Dont dream of revamping the anti graft agency, because if it happens,"many" will go behind bar, and they will never let that happen, unless Makkhal Sahkti

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

The impossible will always remain impossible unless we make an effort to breakthrough the impossibilities.

It may be long, it may be hard... (wei! I'm still on the same subject la..don't let your dirty mind wanders off..hahaha!)

reanaclaire said...

Did a post on TBH and a short poem for him too after the misfortunate incident happened.. like most of us here, shocked, sad and angry too!

btw, i tot u never post for quite some time.. my blogroll never show your latest post as it should be.. wonder what went wrong.. dont tell me the MA CC blocked that too?