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Thursday, April 30, 2009

When YOUNG men see VISIONS & OLD men dream DREAMS

Imagine the hilarious sight of a toothless seventy plus ahpek with his wrinkled face totally dolled-up in heavy feminine make-up and his dark skinny flat-chested body …dressed in a pink ballerina tutu! If his outrageous sight alone was not enough to make me LMAO, his amusing attempt to dance and twirl like a ballerina in his solo performance did just that!

That was one unforgettable odd but lovable character I met at the old folks’ home some 30 years ago. It was obvious that like many other inmates there, he was going through his second childhood and was thoroughly enjoying his twilight years as much as he could without being problematic to others, except for the stomach cramps we got from laughing at his antics.

Unfortunately, not all old chaps are that fun, lovable and harmless. Some can be very nasty, annoying, irritating, attention-seeking, trouble-makers as in the case of our ‘lau pu-se’ [老不死 ] toon lokter U-No-Hoo.

Niahseng! Like limpek haven’t had enough of his
foul flatulence coming out of his wrong end all those twenty-over donkey years, like he hasn’t done enough damage just yet, this old devil ’toon lokter U-No-Hoo' is back hogging the media limelight all over again!

Thank God that I have long liberated myself from those
TVtiga-suku and ‘Ah-ler-TM’ propagandistic news channels! If not, I guess I’ll be ranting and sending my regards to his mother so often that in the end I may have to rename my blog asKannilaubo’ instead of 9pek9bo!

Dunno why.... even with my abstinence from watching those
TVtiga-suku and ‘Ah-ler-TM’ fairy tales for children’ news, limpek found myself having very weird recurring nightmares of my very old discarded TV set showing a zombie who looked like him, sounded like him but it’s not him singing............

“It's close to midnighttttt…
and something evil's lurking in the dark!
On your TV tonight,
you see a sight that almost stops your heart
Cause this is diuu-ler!! Thriller night!

After the singing ended, the scene changed and those dancing zombies began morphing themselves into Chinese Ching dynasty costumed hopping zombies just like those in Chinese Vampires comedy movies of the 80's!

Okay..don’t ask me why I could have such weird nightmares. I’m entitled to it just as much as you young punks are entitled to your MP4s, camera phones, i-pods and i-whatever with LCD screen because it has been said, “....YOUNG MEN SHALL SEE VISIONS, and YOUR OLD MEN SHALL DREAM DREAMS...( not truly meant in this manner though, just borrowed the phrase!)

It's just another day for ranting randomly and obnoxiously about an awful dream, nothing to be taken seriously .....
Have a nice
day nightmare folks!


JJzai said...

Diu lerrrrrrrr!!!!!

reanaclaire said...

9 pek..i no watch tv shows on 3/4 or la tee M long long time ago .. watched the 8 one..cos ada American Idol.. so i think i no nitemares.. choy choy choy...

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...


Aiyahh! you must support local production maa....Dunwan to support those "talented Idles" who can can sing (praises) and act so well in their "Bodohland got talent' show meh? hahaha!

[fong88] said...

i very long lik din watch tv tv in hostel ler..damnit,feel so outdated><