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Sunday, April 26, 2009

April Jokes- just for laughs

This weblog may contain some profanities, smuts, expletives or whatever you want to call it as.....
If you are easily offended by vile & inappropriate languages and think that you'll surely end up burning in Hell because of it, Or, still a minor (underage, under-developed or 'Under-still not developed!') not understanding that the 4 LETTERS ‘F’ WORD that ends with a ‘K’ is NOT what you use together with a spoon, Please DO NOT CONTINUE!

Otherwise, proceed on and have a f*rking fun-time here.(Oops! I already warned ya..Didn't I?)

Towkeh-soh already had three unsuccessful marriages before. Her first husband was a wife-beater, the second an adulterer who finally ran away with that ‘chau char bor’ and the third was a total disappointment in bed!

So being smarter now,
Towkeh-soh makes sure she includes certain requirements when she places an advert for a new life partner in the papers.

“Forty-something Rich divorced woman looking for new husband who will not beat her, run away from her and is good in bed” it said.

Two weeks later, while
Towkeh-soh is enjoying her favorite TV show at home, she hears her doorbell rings. She opens the door and there is a guy with no arms or legs.

“Yes? Wat-chew want?” she asks.

“Hi, I’m Mr. Wan Long Dik, and I’m here about your advert in the papers.”

“You got meet my requirements meh?” Towkeh-soh asks.

“Well, I have no arms so cannot beat you lor, and I have no legs to run away from you, even if I want to orso cannot maa.” he replies.

“But how do I know you’re good in bed leh?” she asks.

Mr. Wan Long Dik, “Aiyo! Aboden, how do you think I rang the doorbell.. har?

Ah 9Pek: Oei! AhLek, you look worried today.. what’s the ploblem har?

AhLek: jialat liao la! .. my wife dunwan to “ahem-ahem” with me on Sunday orledi!

Ah 9Pek:: Why leh?

AhLek: because yesterday hor, her priest says SEX on the Sabbath is a sin because SEX is considered as WORK!

Ah 9Pek: Niamah, like dat orso can! What does a priest know about SEX Where got such thing one?

AhLek: They say SEX is production of lives…WORK maa and therefore not allowed on Sabbath Sunday lor.

Ah 9Pek: SEX is definitely play la.. Aiya! if your wife thinks it is WORK, then ask her to tell your young Indon maid to do for you lor!

AhLek: ya hor...WORK nia mahh hor?…hahahah!


SaeWei said...

So naughty!!!! Hhahahaahhaa..Ask the maid to work for him... Rofl!!!

No wonder most wives ask allowances from the husband. It's because they worked for him. XD

reanaclaire said...

wonder what was the result.. did she or did she not want him to be the wedded husband..for rich or poor, for long or short...oops.. is that line included?

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

AhFi got pay overtime allowance and bonus for your hard work ornot har? Hahahaha!

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

..for long or for short? lol!You lagi more kowlat! hahaha!

[fong88] said...

LMAO!!!maid got commission for the extra work done??ROFL