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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Going Loco with the Lingo?

Teachers going mad and crazy due to teaching subjects in English? For a second, I thought limpek’s old brain cells were giving up on me again, not registering correctly what I was reading.
Could it be actually ‘TEACHERS GOING BAD AND LAZY’ instead that I was misreading or they have misquoted? After all, how could anyone go loco learning a lingo?

Although the English language, as we all know is a crazy language with a grammar system of rules and principles that is even more complicated and scarier than my grandma, it is unlikely in my opinion, that it could have such a drastic effect on those teachers learning the language.

Instead, here’s what I suspect to be the possible cause of teachers going nutty actually….. the students' Ingrish!

If they don't go bonkers, they will probably be scratching their heads bald reading 'Ingrish no Kwailo can understand' such as this Ah Lian’s email to her cikgu-

Dear cikgu,

Last weak, my farder told me that the newspayper got say our teechers gone mad oledi becors they donno how to teech us Signs and Mads in Ingrish. At furs, I din belif my farder until I orso see your hensem face mad mad like that in the newspayper pigcher two gather with many many peeple wokking on the road all shauting dont one to teech us in Ingrish anymore. Why leh?

My farder say the polis shoot woter and orso tia gas at the cloud. I hope you were not hert and your health is in the well now.

I think cikgu shud continew teeching us in Ingrish becors if you chain to teech us in Bahasa same same like you teech us Akauns like that, we will surely cannot
ketchup and fial Signs and Mads orso. My farder orways say learning Ingrish is gud for us. He say can find gud job if we no how to reed and rite Ingrish.

By the way, sorree that I cannot e-meow you erliyer becors my farder say sins my Ingrish so gud he recordman me to go werk as Subtitle-riter for Ah kowpek’s pilot DVD compenis due ring the skool brake. After one weak, my boss say got people say my sub-title very gud, pay for one movie but get two stories. I cleber or not?

After werking there for a hole month I urn a lot of money orledi. I few so happy now becors got money to sellerbread my birds day this Fryday with my frens orledi.
Hope to see you back in skool when the holiday brake is over.

Ah Lian xoxo


Tequila said...

This one deserves a standing applause!!! Cukup cukup kreative dan funny. There is English, there is Singlish and now BAHAlish!!!

JJzai said...

I still think that they got no point using english to teach in Maths and Science lor.
They are just confusing the students.

I think they should set the exam questions in duo language, then teach the student in one language only.

reanaclaire said...

hehhhehe..9 sok pek, u r really something.. lighten up my lunch time when i am supposed to be bored and sleeping..

tell u what.. my inglish aso gone bonkers when talking to them .. just like bahasa pasar.. i no eat, i no go, i wan sleep, i no wan work..

Anonymous said...

walau eh... what the ingerish.....hahha.. dam fanni.....

kyliemc said...

but seriously sometimes i cant understand what they say..previously my physics was being taught in bm.. but we were more used to teachers teaching in eng while we ans in bm...oh well, some of my school teachers taught us in eng which seriously helped us a lot when we enrolled into private uni or coll....