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Friday, March 13, 2009


Ah9Soh: OMG! Lou koong! …I can see the fine lines on my face liao! Like dat, I look old and ugly oledi la!

Ah9Pek: Aiya!Where got old leh? At least your eyesight is damn perfect macan still see those fine lines! hehehe!

Ah9Soh: I need to get some moisturizers, night cream, Retinol A and….

Ah9Pek: No need la! Buy me more Carlsberg beer better maa!.. Geh-len-tee you’ll always look beautiful like that Long Cool Dane when I 'm drunk enough!

Where can? My breasts so small leh compared to that what- what long-kool dame!

Ah9Pek: Yalor hor, you're so flat...sometimes I cannot even see you orso when you turn sideways!

Ah9Soh: I’m wondering hor.. dunno whether good to go for breast enlargement or not leh? Whatchew think har, lou koong?

No need la lou-phor.. Why don’t you try rubbing TOILET PAPERS in-between your boobs?

Rubbing with TOILET PAPERS in between my boobs can make them bigger meh?

Ah9Pek: Well…it works on your bum, didn’t it?

Cheh!! Don’t try to be farneee .. you better go make a jug of coffee for our breakfast la…

Why it has to be me to make coffee and not you?

Because I just found out the Bible says so ma..

Ah9Pek: Are you sure?

YES! It says ‘HeBrews’, where got say SheBrews’ one leh?

Niamah! Like that orso can!

Oh yes! I almost forgot.. We have to take a pair of your used dirty underwear to your lokter today!

Ah9Pek: Huh? Why need to take my used smelly underwear to my doctor?

You forgot oledi ar? The lokter said he needs your sperm sample, urine sample and your stool sample ..
your underwear
all orso got maaa…!

Ah9Pek: No lou-phor, we must give the sperm sample in that bottle the doctor gave me la.

h: I know leh…lou koong, actually when you sleep oledi last night.. I tried with my right hand and then my left hand ..and even use my mouth..shake shake so long until my hands all tired still cannot come out leh!

Ah9Pek: You did what?

Ah9Soh: Aiya!! I tried to open that bottle the lokter gave you to wash lor…but the cap so tight cannot come out maa!

Ah9Pek: Sweat laa you!


JJzai said...

Why your blog always so funny one!

Tequila said...


Fit Breast said...

Hahahahahah!!!! so damn funny & hilarious !!!! Great !! Great!!! Laughter is the best medicine in keep us young & healthy..

Keep up the good work!!


Fit Breast

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

JJzai~ It was God's intention to make mankind funny maa..That's why he made Adam & Eve naked so that they could 'liew liew' each other whole day and LOL!!!

Tequila~ Bloody? I hope you are not reading 9PEK9BO in the OT!(OR)!

Fit Breast~ Laughter is HAHADOL to our heartaches like PANADOL to your headaches. Glad you came and had your dose!

kxin said...

haha funny :P long time no see~ u r still so in so funny ^.^ Charles Hot Sporting Daddy around~ wakakaka