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Sunday, July 13, 2008

tHE rOOkie cameraman @ I LOVE PG Brand event.

My tired eyes were ‘Paklah-ing’ away at siesta time last Saturday when CharlesKey suddenly suggested going to the 'I LOVE PENANG BRAND' Campaign at New World Park to listen to some photography guru’s talk.

For the passion of my beloved son, my mind said, “YES! OK!..No Prob!” but somehow, my tired body objected saying “NO! ...Not that I'm unpatriotic or I don't love PENANG..It's the damned weather I so tulan!”

Anyway, we settled going for the night program ..a fashion & variety show where CharlesKey could practice shooting catwalk models while dad could once again be like a photography ‘kindie’ student following ‘teacher’ cum son, Charles for a field trip lesson on how to use a DSLR camera.

The night turned out surprisingly to be kind of meeting up with old friends & acquaintances event for me.... Richard Rivali (the Fashion designer who was a hairstylist some 20yrs back), Rebecca (the dancing violinist who performed at a bank's function that I emceed 2 years ago) and the VIP of the night, YB Danny Law (who was my comrade in the bank Union as well as the DAP party since 20 years back)

tHe finale of Richard Rivali's Fashion Show...

Rebecca,'The Dancing Violinist' and her brother
gave a mesmerizing superb performance that night!

The night ended with some sexy Belly Dancing performances. Errr....wonder why they call this 'Belly' dancing when the butts are doing the job actually? hahaha!

"Oei! Ah Chiak po ley tua eh arr??"
( meaning ..You eat glass and got transparent issit?)

No wasn't like that ...just kidding nia..
It was me who actually went behind Charles to shoot him in action... hahaha!

My sifu & son, Charleskey in action... sitting on floor just below the stage ..
luckily models were wearing formal wears and not mini skirts! Otherwise, seet pun cheh cheh!

Charles taking a break ..too much shooting (and ogling..) eyes pun tired liao!


KOKahKOK said...

rebeca and ruben (spel worngly d) same nenek moyang wif me....also CH'NG haha

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

So you're all 'ka ki nang' from the CH'NG clan. Aiya! All this while I thot u related to the KOKA KOLA (coke) boss pulak! hahaha!