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Monday, June 1, 2009

The untold truths of Tales and stories (cartoons)

Maybe I was a little more curios and imaginative than my peers back then as a kid ..and somehow I always thought adults, especially my primary school teachers were not telling the truths or at least not telling us all of the whole story.. including the real ending to the tales and stories.


For instance, I was always wondering and asking my Sunday schoolteacher why Moses were given two tablets instead of just one?

Why couldn't the commandments be written on the both sides of one tablet like we do with the pages of our exercise book? ... or, was there anything else already written at the back of the tablets that they didn't tell us?
(* Just typical of an inquisitive mind of a very blur-sotong kid back then..)

.... Maybe something like this?

Hmmm... that probably explains a lot about the mess the world is in these days!


As for the legend of ROBIN HOOD and his MERRYMEN.. Armed with only the experience of robbing and probably merrymaking in the forest, I was wondering what did they do for a living when ROBIN HOOD finally disbanded his Sherwood gang? Did they continue robbing people on their own or started some business?

Like ....Friar Tuck operating a Tuckshop?

or Little John running a Little John (Children's toilet) Accessories Shop?


and that story of the pretty fraulien who was imprisoned in a tower with no stairs by a witch just because her 'thum-chiak(greedy)' parents were caught stealing the witch's vegetables, Rapunzel...

I think just having the password, "
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair" alone was not exactly secure and safe for a home-alone girl..

Being a smart girl, she probably would have braided one side of her hair for her good looking boyflen prince to climb and left the other half unkempt and unwashed for those unwelcome '5354' gate-crashers! hahahaha!

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