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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcoming LAI WAN SIK! (916) my kind of Malaysia Day!

Oh weeeee!!! After a month’s break which coincided with the holidays of 'those things better not mention at night’, leempek is back 9pek9bo-ing here again!

The August month that went by was indeed a helluva busy and eventful month for me, not that it has anything to do with Hell-gate being opened! You bet, I was even more busy than those ahem! ahem!... ‘better not mention at night’ holiday makers on earth!

and now ....TA’ DAHHH! here’s sweet sweet September, the month I was anxiously waiting for .. all excited and anticipating for a‘new DAWN for Malaysiato arrive..

Please tell me….is the 916 number ‘chun’ or not?

Just staring at this number gets me all EXCITED!!! Dunno why leh?...Whenever I look at it, I find myself smiling silly and my day brightens up. (Oops! Damn it! I just revealed my most vulnerable time for Charles to strategically plan his robbery on me! I can imagine him hypnotizing me with his chanting, “916!, 916!..916 ..Dad, can I have some $$$ to buy this?)

While the number 916 looks and sounds pleasant to many like me, I read that on the other hand, it also did strike terror to some 'BohNow -hamkalings' like as if they had encountered those things better not mention at night ’… causing them to shit in their pants that were covering their shrunken balls and running off in haste to hide in some Taiwanese farms!

Let’s hope those 'BohNow-hamkalings' find a herbal cure for their diarrhoea and their shrunken balls there the mean time, here's what leempek recommend to stop their purging & to inflate back their balls...."tRY IT! yOU'll LiKE IT!" so says that Uni drop-Out who swears in the name of 'GAWD'....

Let’s all cross our fingers, arms, legs, balls or whatever it takes and you have it, to PRAY for the realization of this very much awaited 916, the only light we have in the present DARKNESS befalling our beloved nation.


Tau Sar Phneah said...

finally back!!!!

thought you went missing in action to some planet mars...haha..

Jarod said...

Thought you kena International Sakai Animal! well, this few days really sad. Btw, me tooo.. when I see or heard of 916, my eyes BLINK! hahaha! LIke 916 is jackpot with 5Million ..a.ahahahah! TC

9PEK9BO said...

"Hi fellow earthling TSP!,uncle Ernst is back after a market survey on the potentiality of marketing your Tau Sar Pneah to the Martians there. They want it in green color!You have? Hahaha!

9PEK9BO said...

I'm not in anyway threatened or no need the good goamen's 'protection' la... hahaha!
Don't be sad...just take a seat and enjoy the Bolehland Circus!

Joze Foo said...

you're back! i tot you were kidnapped by aliens!

Adrian said...

haha...916 is pretty chun , but i still like 914 more = ) looking forward anyway ~

good to have u back blogging ^^

Anonymous said...

I made the t-shirts liao. My son did for me lah cos if I do, sure senget.

Des said...

wah...i like that term "BohNow Hamkalings" ROFLMAO!

happy-suang said...

Just drop by to say HI.. Ur post really very funny ler.. :)