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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Say Goodbye, say Good BUY ...KT!

YES! Today 17TH of JANUARY is THE DAY! The Polling Day for the K.T By-Election!

If you are one of those who is NOT A&A (AWAKE and AWARE) enough and is catching no ball wtf is this ‘KT By-Election’ everyone is talking about, ‘KT’ is the abbreviation for KENA-TIPU . So, ‘KT By-Election’ simply means 'YOU GOT TIPU-ed la' by the elections! No la! Just kidding you nia! KT here actually refers to the P(36)Kuala Trengganu Parliamentary constituency.

While a Buy Erection is something to do with purchases of VIAGRAs or SURE-UPs
and a Bhai Erection is something you will know when you pick up the soap you carelessly dropped in the male public bathroom, a By-Election is the process of re-electing your DEWAN representative through the ballot box again to replace the previous one who left in a hurry or suddenly, for whatever reason (most favorite being kicking the bucket or balik Thongsan to sell salted-eggs.)

Just like a football maniac going crazy over the live-telecasting of a ball thousands of miles away, I found myself totally engrossed in following all the hype surrounding this event from the most reliable source of news GOD only permits…the BLOGs la of course!

And like all other political events in AnythingCanLAND, I read that money in dollars but no sense changed hands with claims of receiving RED packets to WHITE envelopes right under the noses of those 7,000 law enforcers who were deployed there dunno for what f*rk, (reminding me of that popular schoolboy phrase of redundancy, “Wait long long, no bus come. Come come three four come!”

So today, about 80,000 registered voters in this malay heartland (plus an unknown number of those usual ‘special invitees’ of course) will be going to the 36 polling stations to cast and vote their favorite parliamentary ‘IDOL’. Among them will be 10,000 ‘Pendatangs’ who I believe will make sure to ‘datang’ in full force singing YEH LIANG TAI PIAO WO DE XING-The Moon represents my heart” as they cast their votes.

THE RESULTS: PAS won KT by 2,631! (note: during the March TsuNIAMAH Election PAS lost by only 685 nia ma!)

So here we go again… “We accept defeat and respect the people’s choice ….” Seriously, Please do!


Reanaclaire said...

so bhai or no bhai, ppl now no heed .. ppl now pan nai already.. no "drink water" when come to bye-election.
gong hei gong hei.... to KT...
gong hei fatt choyy to u..and family...

9PEK9BO said...

Glad we Penangites and Ipoh-Malis all think alike!
Hopefully, in spite of the Gloom & Doom prediction, Tai Ka chew fatt! Fatt toh ngmm cheng ng chorr like dat! lol!